How to Determine the Quality and Reliability of Compatible Toner Cartridges?

OEM printer consumables are too pricey. This is the reason why some printer owners and/or users turn to cheaper options like the compatible toner cartridges. However, it is a given fact that not all third party manufacturers produce quality compatibles. Therefore, it is important to know how to determine toner cartridge quality to avoid the risk of rip off.

Take note of the little extra details about the cartridge.

Note the page yield, model, and brand specifically printed on the package. Assess the performance of the currently installed cartridge its print quality and how long before it is completely consumed. And measure its cost effectiveness. All the information you have gathered will be the basis of comparison for the performance and trustworthiness of the replacement cartridge. It is up to you then to determine whether you have purchased a worthy replacement.

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Make sure that the replacement cartridge fits your printer.

Aftermarket consumables are patterned from the OEM counterparts. In order to avoid copyright and patent laws though, independent manufacturers make small changes in the design. There are instances when a cartridge cannot be installed correctly because it does not fit well in its position. Thus, when purchasing in stores, it is best to bring along the old cartridge and compare it with the compatible replacement available.

Run a test print.

Running a test print every after the replacement is important. It restores the normal printing quality of the printer and helps determine the quality of the compatible consumable against the OEM. It might take about 5 to 6 runs of test print to return to its normal printing though, since poor quality printouts were made prior to the replacement.

Take note of the page yield.

Toner cartridges come in different yields standard, high and extra high yield. See the OEM counterpart and compare the yield with the compatible consumable to ensure that the expected number of pages is similar or almost the same.

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Comparing the OEM and the compatible toner cartridge will help determine the quality of the toner. Make sure that the store also offers warranty so any faulty compatibles can be returned. Moreover, take advantage over store discounts and freebies.

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