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How To Determine If The Laser Printer Drum Needs To Be Replaced?

How To Determine If The Laser Printer Drum Needs To Be Replaced

The photoreceptor drum can be considered as the most important component of laser printer units. Its critical function involves the receipt of text and images from the laser scanning assembly and transferring the same to paper to produce the final print. Considering its functionality, the printer drum needs to be replaced periodically to continuously achieve commendable prints. There are a number of indicators that should inform the user whenever the laser printer drum is due for replacement, as follows:

Computer prompts the user. There are only a few printers; particularly colored laser printers, that alert users when the drum needs to be replaced. Usually, the alarm sets off in the form of a flashing message that materializes on the monitor. How convenient for users who operate these types of laser printers. Now they only have to wait for the warning message to set off.

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Unclear or blurry printouts. At times, users will come across printouts that are unreadable while having streak marks over the surface of the printed page. This could be a sign that the drum is damaged and needs immediate replacement.

Presence of black spots on printed document. Unwanted marks over the printed page such as black spots indicate that the drum is defective and can no longer be used. This being the case, the user should purchase a replacement drum to be able to resume print jobs.

Light or faded text and images. A noticeable change in print out quality such as faded prints could imply that the drum is nearing the end of its serviceable life or that it is slightly damaged and needs replacing.

Blank printout. Laser printer drums have specified life spans based on the number of printed pages. Thus, when a blank printout is produced, this could only mean that the drum has reached its set lifespan and is due for replacement.

Keen observation is the key to knowing when the laser printer drum needs replacement. Note the above mentioned indicators and have a ready compatible drum replacement on hand to avoid print delays and continuously achieve quality prints.

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