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How SMBs Can Benefit From Toner Refill Kits

Small and Medium Business (SMB) entities cannot survive without a laser printer to back up their day to day print requirements. But unlike large businesses that belong to the top 500 corporations, SMB usually operate with a limited budget and could hardly cope up with escalating printing costs. And with OEM toner cartridges slowly eking up in costs, this puts undue pressure on the SMB unit budget for business printing. Luckily, they can now turn to the aftermarket for printer consumables for more affordable options.

One of the most practical consumable to be released by the aftermarket is the toner refill kit. Not only is the consumable affordable, it also allows printing to continue without even purchasing a new cartridge unit. Instead, compatible toner powder is loaded into the cartridge empty toner hopper.

Can compatible toner compare to OEM toner in terms of print quality? We Americans are a stickler to fine equipment and accessories, and that includes printer consumables. Products with questionable quality will definitely not sell in the US; more so if this impacts print quality and yield coverage in the case of laser printer consumables such as the toner cartridge. The fact that toner refill kits are competitive in an 80 billion printing industry is a testament to our penchant for taking only the best. The men and women who crafted the manufacture of good quality and yet affordable printer peripherals truly deserves our gratitude.

As of writing, the aftermarket for printer consumables (that includes toner refill kits of course) has already captured around 20% market share and has moved at least 7 billion dollars in the printing industry. This figure is on the rise as more and more laser printer users are becoming dependent on the quality and yield performance of compatibles. It also helps that compatibles are at least 60% cheaper than its OEM counterpart; thus giving business users more elbow room to spend saved funds to finance their going concerns.

The hard facts are portrayed in the refill of an empty Samsung ML-1710D3 toner cartridge which loads the ML-1710 laser printer. The genuine cartridge is retailed at $80 for its rating of 3000 pages at 5% page coverage. The compatible Samsung ML-1710 toner refill kit on the other hand is available for only $8.95 and duplicates in every way the print and yield performance of the OEM cartridge. And because Samsung tolerates toner refills on its cartridges, the unit is designed with a fill hole for refill convenience.

So for SMBs out for a great deal on printer consumables, cross the line and move in with Samsung toner refill kits to experience more financial flexibility.


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