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Handling Tips For Brand New Toner Cartridges And Toner Refill Kits

Color laser printing is expensive because of the bundled cost of its replacement consumables, particularly the toner cartridge. Therefore, most consumers would really find ways to extend the print capacity of the toner inside the cartridge and get more than the expected yield from the cartridge unit. Many users have turned to toner refills (use of compatible toner refill kits) to replenish the toner supply of an empty toner cartridge and extend its serviceable life. Refilling is undeniably the perfect option, because nobody can deny the fact that toner cartridges are built sensibly to last longer, not just for one print cycle as what printer manufacturers maintain but to as much as 3 print cycles, as recommended.

The initial loading of a brand new toner cartridge into the laser printer is a critical factor and must be dealt with seriously since this will affect the nominal print cycle of the cartridge. Below are some tips to consider to help sustain the cartridge and fully utilize its capacity.

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Remove the sealing tape first before loading the cartridge to the printer. The sealing tape is a clear plastic strip of about 1 foot long that prevents toner from leaking when cartridge is not in use or in transit. Be careful not to break the tab which is an extension of the sealing tape and completely pull the strip out from the cartridge. Should in the process the sealing tape breaks and a portion of it is left inside the cartridge, then it only means that the cartridge is defective and should therefore be returned to the manufacturer.

Most toner cartridges have a print capacity of around 3,000 pages (based on the industry average of 5% coverage) when properly handled and cared for. Thus when left for some time before installation, the cartridge unit must be stored in a cool, dry place and possibly inside its original packaging. New cartridges are sealed in aluminum foil wrappers that protect toner from exposure to sunlight; while moisture proof to prevent humidity from seeping into toner particles.

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Likewise observe the above storage tips when dealing with replacement toner, particularly one supplied with the toner refill kit, to avoid the manifest of print quality defects and the turnout of lower yields. When the printer prompts toner out, immediately administer toner refills and never allow the cartridge to print on an empty toner chamber because doing so will damage the sensitive imaging component and shorten the effective lifecycle of the cartridge.


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