Handheld Printers : The Next BIG Thing?

Handheld Printers - The Next BIG Thing

Technology is ever changing. Mobile phones for one have now revolutionized the way people communicate. And just when the majority has reached comfortable levels in the usage of home and office printers, handheld printers have come to the fore.

Will this printing technology also be as life changing as the mobile phone? Or would hand held printers fade into obsolescence just like any fad gadget. If it catches the imagination of consumers, then it will likely be the next big thing. As such, models and upgrades will be innovated and distributed in the market to vie for the best and probably the smallest hand held printer ever.

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Printer Prototype. Print Dreams, the developer of the Random Movement Printing Technology or RMPT, has recently released the first working prototype of a hand held printer called the PrintBrush. The printer really comes with a small footprint. Designed to snugly fit the front shirt pocket (just like mobile phones), the unit is as long as a regular ballpoint pen; while its width and thickness can be compared to that of regular mobile phones. But there is room for improvement as forthcoming models will be designed more compact and more convenient to users. The first PrintBrush model released in the market retails at $199.

Printer Operation. Hand held printing is made possible by built-in optical sensors that detect tilt, rotation and translation of data for printing in a highly precise manner.  Moreover, the unit is programmed to work and abide with all possible hand movement parameters; like sudden changes in speed and acceleration, rotation and tilt €“ delivering printouts that are similar to its digital counterpart.

Operating like a bar code, the device is hand generated. Therefore, users intending to print will just have to activate the device and wave its sensor over paper.  By sweeping the device over print media of various types, size, shape or thickness; raw text and images will be transferred to the media right behind every sweep.

Printer Features. PrintBrush will cover and print monochromatic text and graphics at a resolution of 600 dpi (dots per inch) over a full sheet of paper. Hand held printers are versatile and can print on any surface, even on fabric. The handheld printer is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries and wirelessly connects via Bluetooth for the printout of Internet content, SMS and digital images.

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The RMPT technology used in handheld printers is new and it may take some time for OEM manufacturers to get a good grasp of its potential and eventual impact on printer buyers. However, a few are already following the lead of PrintDreams and at this rate, handheld printer devices might just be the next big thing.

Photo credit: Creative Tools / Foter.com / CC BY

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