Green Printing : Make It A Habit!

Green Printing - Make It A Habit

Green printing is already a way of life because homes and home offices have finally acknowledged the adverse impact of printing and photocopying to the environment. Now, everybody understands how the misuse of natural resources on top of current printing practices contribute substantially to greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and likewise generate a lot of waste paper. From this predicament, consumers have risen fresh and took the necessary steps to use recycled print cartridges and even become an eco-friendly printer* or a green printer in the process. ***Note: printer here refers to the user not the device

As a green printer or an eco-friendly printer, the user will only have to embody ecologically sound printing practices that deliver macroscopic benefits to the environment such as the reduced dependence on energy resources (so as not to over burden power plants); the regulated use of paper and the patronage of recycled print cartridges. These practices will not only lead to a cleaner and greener environment, but also serve as a springboard to a healthier well-being. Outlined below are a few tips to this end.

    • Print only when necessary. This should be foremost in the mindset of users. Control the urge to print documents; do not be some sort of a printing nut. Although this is better said than done, regulating print excesses is a good start towards achieving the goal of becoming an eco-friendly printer.
    • Be very particular with paper loaded for printing. Nearly 4 billion trees are felled each year worldwide to feed consumer appetite for paper. In the United States alone, an average of 750 pounds of paper is accorded to each user annually. Thus to promote a cutback on logging activities, printers should be fed with recycled media or paper comprising of at least 38% post consumer waste. Paper recycling drives around the country are able to salvage about 45% of consumer waste paper that are shipped as raw materials for the production of recycled paper.
    • Use Green Ink or Toner. The use of green printer consumables is a choice that benefits the environment and dispenses with the rumored health hazards of toner and ink. Consumables manufactured using green technologies are recognized for their low energy consumption ratings and the recyclability of its pertinent by products. And to further strengthen the green desire, the green printer would also patronize the recycling of ink and toner cartridges that should extend the print capacity of cartridges.

Remember that a green printer uses only an eco-friendly printer coupled with recycled print cartridges that rightfully helps in the upkeep of the environment. So make green printing practices a habit.

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