Google Cloud Print Service: Remote Printing For Mobile Devices

Google Cloud Print Service Remote Printing For Mobile Devices

As our work lives call for increased mobility, the concept of cloud based printing is a welcome addition to an array of computing devices intended to make one’s life easier when working at home or on the road. Cloud printing has been in the mill for quite some time now and finally, Google has launched its own cloud printing service called Google Cloud Print.

The proprietary cloud printing service makes possible the remote printing of documents from Chrome notebooks or netbooks, smartphones and Android powered mobile devices. All that is needed to complete the set up is a cloud ready printer or a classic laser or inkjet printer configured for cloud printing on the Chrome browser.

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Configuring your Printer

No you don’t need to be an expert to be able to set up your printer for the Google Cloud Print service. The installation of drivers or any other proprietary software is also not required.

Cloud Ready Printer: Since cloud printers are linked directly to the web without requiring PC connections, the user will only have to visit the Google Cloud Print page and key in the printer’s email address.

Classic Printer: In order to configure classic printers for this service, the user is required to open his Gmail account on the Google Chrome browser and thereafter enable the Google Cloud Print Connector.

Cloud Printing from Mobile Devices

The Google Cloud Print service is currently integrated with only a limited number of Google products such as the Chrome operating system, Gmail for Mobile and Google Docs for Mobile. The operating system is open source while the mobile applications can be downloaded for free.

Once the set-up is successfully committed, users can access cloud printing services via the Google Chrome browser and the selected apps. Just select print from the browser’s wrench or on the menu bar of Gmail and Google Docs to print web pages, emails and documents. Moreover, the printer and computer (for classic printers only) must be online to be able to accept transmitted print jobs anytime during the day. Otherwise, the print job will be queued in the cloud until such time that the printer resumes an online status.

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Think of the Google Cloud Print service as an added bonus to the busy entrepreneur, an employee on the road or somebody who is mobile commuting. Now remote print jobs can be carried out wherever the netbook or mobile phone user may be, provided that an internet connection is available. In the end, this service definitely extends to another notch the freedom of printing over wireless networks while improving productivity at the same time.

Photo by Sira Anamwong

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