Go Green With Toner Refill Kits!

Go Green With Toner Refill Kits!

Toner refill kits manufacturers have only one aim in mind – to help countless laser printer users cope with the burgeoning office and household printing costs. Through the years, third party manufacturers envisioned how the business of refilling empty toner cartridges could directly help the environment by reducing in part the over 1 million pounds of trash pumped into dumpsites and landfills annually while conserving as much as 2 million quartz of oil. Know that around 3.5 quartz of oil is required to manufacture a single cartridge. Ridding the earth of its e-garbage trash is a gargantuan task that requires personal commitment and the collective efforts of electronic equipment and accessories users.

The world’s annual e-garbage volume – if it can be literally converted into cubes; then the pile of trash would likely equal the height of the now defunct WTC twin towers; but then still taller by over 110 floors. Now consider the $150 million development cost for the twin towers and that amount is only about 10% of the total annual expenditure for toner cartridges. In effect, if we patronize refills for empty OEM toner cartridges, we not only help the environment and collaborate with global conservation efforts; but also generate savings of as much as 80% over the cost of OEM retail cartridges.The most effective method of recycling empty OEM toner cartridges is still through the use of a compatible toner refill kit. Just a single refill effort on an empty cartridge will nominally help reduce the pile of e-garbage to as much as 35% on the amount of trash dumped into our ever shrinking global garbage disposal facility. Note that over 110 million toner cartridges are dumped annually on the average. Consequently, a 35% reduction in e-garbage disposal would likely result to a summary reduction in the manufacture of cartridges (of the same rate) as well.

As Americans it becomes our social duty to lead others and show our concern for the environment. Let us not leave a legacy of uncontrolled trash to the generations after us. Recycle now and reload empty toner cartridges with toner refill kits!

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