Genicom Printer Ribbons : Hassle-Free Bar Codes And Graphics Printing

Two leading companies in the print manufacturing industry – Genicom and Tally, merged in the early 80s to develop one of the finest line matrix printers.Tally Genicom printers employ digital technology similar to inkjet and laser printers but depend on pins and ribbons to print instead of a print head. The accessory developed for this type of printer is the Genicom printer ribbon instead of the cartridges developed for inkjet and laser printers.

Although Tally Genicom is one of the pioneers in digital printing, its line matrix printers are still widely used today and have not lost its appeal despite the entry of inkjet and laser printers. Durability and affordability are likely the main reasons for the continued patronage since the device provides users with the least CPP (cost per page) at only one-tenth (0.10) of a cent. This is cheaper compared to the CPP of laser printers and inkjets that fetch a 2 to 3 cents and 10 cents cost per page respectively.

Recently released Tally Genicom line matrix printers have raised speed levels to 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 lines per minute. Therefore, users will never be at a disadvantage or lose precious time and revenues when printing bar codes, box labels, invoices, reports and other graphics as well. Besides, Genicom printer ribbon consumables improving its print coverage by 30%, this also drives a direct reduction in the TCO or Total Cost of Ownership to operate the printer.

What elevates line matrix printers from the rest is the ability to print several duplicates (6 or 7 carbon copies) of a document at a time. This is possible because the printing system depends on physical impact between the pins and ribbons to print the closely spaced serial dots – resulting in the lowest CPP among printer types. It is very different from an inkjet or laser printer wherein only one document is printed at a time and depends on a copier to provide several duplicates.

Probably the only drawback of line matrix printers from Tally Genicom is the printer ribbon since the print intensity fades the longer it is in use. Genicom printer ribbons however improved on this particular inconsistency. Users can now experience longer and consistent print quality with the entry of the new Genicom printer ribbons. Consumers can never again experience faded or poor quality documents and instead enjoy the benefits of this cost efficient printing system.

Remember, if your need speed and print quality at low cost, only a Tally Genicom line matrix printer and Genicom printer ribbons can deliver hassle-free bar code and graphics printing.

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