Fuji Xerox Printer : Why Tailor Fit For SMB?

SMB (small, medium business) are activity centers. They need office devices that are performance oriented. Anything less will not fit the demand of this business environment.

Monochrome laser printers are tailor fit for SMB. SMB are engines of growth, the determinant of increased economic activity. And being market hubs SMB are busy offices. They need office devices that can deliver and meet the demand. Most depend on monochrome laser printers, with only a few inclined towards color printing. In fact, 75% of purchases are for monochrome laser printers. This is according to David Borg, General Manager of Fuji Xerox Printer Australia and New Zealand. Even with color printers in the upswing, monochrome printers continue to dominate sales. The preference for black and white printing will likely be sustained.

The Fuji Xerox printer is designed for SMB. Owing to the robust demand of monochrome laser printers, Fuji Xerox has timely released the DocuPrint 455d. The printer designed to meet the printing requirement of SMB squarely. A printer that delivers the type of maximum functionality and performance expected only from high-end devices. It is courtesy of a print resolution at 1200 x 1200dpi (dots per inch). This enables users to experience superior quality documents, the kind of printouts that are razor sharp with unparalleled clarity. And with a print speed of 45ppm (pages per minute), the DocuPrint 455d delivers the efficiency required by busy workgroups.

It delivers optimum productivity at less cost. Speed and efficiency are standard features of the DocuPrint 455d. However, there is more as it is also cost efficient. The OPC (organic photo conductive) Drum can survive up to 100,000 printed pages before replacement can be considered; coupled with the toner cartridge that is capable of up to 25,000 printouts, means less consumable turn over. And duplex printing is also a standard feature in DocuPrint 455d.  Hardware longevity, high yield toner cartridge and duplex printing capability translate into savings in printing operations.

Fuji Xerox printers are eco-friendly. The DocuPrint 455d printer carries the international Energy Star classification. It only means that the production and design of the printer meets all stringent requirements concerning energy use. The use of the Fuji Xerox EA eco toner allows business to be cozy to the environment, while also substantially reducing energy bills. And as the printer has a toner saver mode, it offers users the ability to control toner consumption. This option gives users the choice to print depending on the importance of the document. It translates into light print for inter-office memo different from brochures and flyers.

The bottom line, what is important is printer performance and efficiency. That is why the Fuji Xerox 455d printer is a perfect fit for SMB because of these features.

Photo credit: liewcf via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

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