Finally, An iOS 5 AirPrint Activator For Windows And Mac

The iOS 5 update this month really did shake up a few things. One of that is the wireless printing capability between iOS devices and non-AirPrint enabled wireless printers.  The application called AirPrint activator allowed direct printing from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (running iOS 4) to non-AirPrint printers connected to the same WiFi access point as the corresponding Windows or Mac PC. Following the iOS 5 update, the application lost its function so that non-AirPrint enabled wireless printers shared on the network would no longer display over AirPrint in iOS devices.  As of writing, we still haven’t encountered an app or print agent to replace the AirPrint activator. Nonetheless, there is some sort of an AirPrint activator for iOS5 devices that can be used while developers are still on the lookout for possible tweaks.

FingerPrint: The Quick Fix

The quick fix is the mobile printing software called FingerPrint from developer Collobos Software. Available for less than $10, you can have this software running on your PC in no time so that your non-AirPrint enabled wireless printer will once again show up over AirPrint. Here’s a quick look of the features of this AirPrint activator for iOS5 devices:

Works over Windows and Mac Operating Systems. FingerPrint is compatible with OS X 10.5 and 10.6 for Mac and Windows XP (SP3), Vista and 7 for Windows. It is also designed with an uncomplicated UI and runs discreetly on the background.

Operates on Bonjour technology. Bonjour is proprietary software from Apple that is designed to locate devices such as printers. With complementary software, you can be assured that your printer will show up among the printer selections when you tap print on your iOS 5 device.

Easy to install. You got that right! It won’t take that long to install FingerPrint on your PC or Mac. Plus, it comes with an installation wizard so you won’t have to bother much with getting it all set up. You won’t even have to jailbreak the iOS device to make this work.

All you need to do is to download and then install FingerPrint. Upon launch, select the wireless printers you want to AirPrint enable and these will show up when you select the printer on your iOS 5 device. It’s that simple! Start with the free trial to check if this would work with your wireless printer.

Perhaps the only drawback is that the FingerPrint is not a Windows service so that users need to manually start it during boot up.  But then again, that is a small price to pay for using this sort of AirPrint activator for iOS5 versus buying an AirPrint enabled printer.

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