Exclusive: Child-friendly printers Reduces Schoolwork Hassles

Just when everyone thinks that the schoolwork burdens of modern day students seems to be insurmountable, HP and Canon came up with a solution the child friendly printer.

The logic behind the child friendly printer is really as simple as it sounds. Consider this: the workload of students have probably quadrupled in the past three to four decades. Each student has to do extra effort to meet daily quota. The bulk of schoolwork come in the form of reports, term papers, and research work. Each has to be done earnestly and submitted promptly. The home printer becomes the student refuge.

The Child-friendly Printer Idea

From the parents to the children, developing a printer for students was actually the brainchild of HP. Canon only followed suit. HP research reveals that children only work on schoolwork at the last minute when most print shops are closed. Printing at home becomes a necessity, an idea that has created a stir among printer manufacturers. Working around a student printing need in practice is the reason behind the marketing of child friendly printers.

The target market came as no surprise because teaching aids include tablets which students rely on for instructions. In fact, most schoolwork are now done on the tablets and are concluded on the printer for hard copies and later for submission. While most home printers are sophisticated electronic gadgets and are therefore very expensive, none has yet been developed for students as the sole target market.

An affordable print option from home is a boost to the student educational development. It not only offers convenience but affordability as well. Aside from its very simple and easy to follow print instructions, child friendly printers are cheaper to operate compared to the regular home printer. And as multiple applications are now available, students can issue a print command from almost anywhere and to any device at home.

The target market is now guided by the child need and preference. Almost all recent printer purchases follow this agenda, simply because children are more tech-savvy compared to their parents. Students almost always have their way when it comes to electronic gadgetry, parents simply watch in awe and the only contribution is to control and pay.

Remember, when your child is struggling with schoolwork, a child-friendly printer might all be needed to keep him on track.

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