Epson RIPS Inkjet Printers Why is it considered game-changing?

How fast can regular inkjet printers turn out prints? 8 to 10 PPM (pages per minute)? How many pages can a set of cartridges deliver? Perhaps 100 to 200 pages?

100 PPM Print Speed.Imagine an inkjet printer that is designed to print in this threshold. This is even faster than some laser printers. This printer is supplied with an ink bag that can print up to 75,000 pages before timing out. If this technology is not game-changing, then tell me what is?

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Introducing RIPS inkjet printer technology. This is the brainchild of OEM Epson and the latest to hit the Japanese market. Although the 100 PPM inkjet type is still in the drawing board, a similar 24 PPM model is due to hit the Japanese market. This model is geared towards easing the printing burdens of most users, particularly the corporate world.

Eleven Stationary Print Heads. RIPS (replaceable ink pack system) operate like laser printers in the way it allows paper to move around a stationary or fixed print head. Thus, speed can be coerced to move up to 100 PPM or even faster. It is a take-off from the regular type that uses a single print head usually embedded in the ink cartridge. What is strange about this conventional cartridge and print head arrangement is that users are forced to replace both once the ink cartridge is empty.

RIPS (replaceable ink pack system) as intimated uses a fixed print head to print. But unlike the regular inkjet, RIPS printers employ 11 print heads ganged together side by side. So if a single print head can already perform satisfactorily in standard inkjets, what much more can 11 print heads do? RIPS is expected to print excellently and more efficiently. The 75,000 pages ink bag holding the ink is really affordable as well.

Reduced Printing Costs and Minimized Consumable Waste. The most engaging advantage of the RIPS inkjet is that it costs less to operate while producing less waste. The ink bag is equivalent to around 50 toner cartridges and as much as six (6) OPC (organic photo conductive) Drums unit replacement. To sum it up, this is the best thing that can ever happen to the upkeep of the environment.

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Remember if you are enamored with inkjet printers but hesitate its use because of the expensive consumables, worry no more. The replaceable ink pack system (RIPS) which is considered by many as the game changing inkjet printing technology is now in the market.

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