Epson Recycling Program: What you need to know?

Product recycling has added a further measure to the objective of preserving the environment. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have in fact developed tailored fit solutions pertinent to the proper disposal of returned electronic products. These manufacturers value the act of protecting the planet through product stewardship programs where customers can return to OEMs their old computers, printers, and other electronic devices for recycling.

Product Recycling Facts

The collection trend for electronic products and cartridges have increased dramatically as the years go by. A total of 170,000 tons of cartridges and electronic products have been collected under the Epson recycling program with its aim to preserve and minimize environmental impacts. Epson America, Inc. (EAI), for instance, has initiated a take back program in 2002 that has been doing quite well up to this day. With the collaborated efforts of known charitable organizations such as National Christina Foundations, product recycling has changed many lives in the US, particularly the unfortunate ones who don’t have access to technology.

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Epson Recycling Program

Original Equipment Manufacturer companies have put into action their environmental responsibility by working together with other ecological stewards. These manufacturers use advanced equipment to meticulously and thoroughly disintegrate recyclable items and refurbish them so that the same can be used again.

OEMs including Epson encourage customers to patronize electronic product recycling to reduce environmental liability via responsible recycling practices and proper waste management. The Epson recycling program accepts used ink cartridges and functioning old computers for charities. Just put the items in an appropriate shipping envelope or box and mail them to this address:

Epson America, Inc.

Attn: Recycling Center

18300 Central Avenue

Carson, CA 90746

Additional Recycling Information

In that respect, there are several states in the US that require additional guidance pertinent to electronic product recycling. Visit Epson website for more details.

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Saving the environment by recycling is not something to think over. It is something that needs immediate action and is required from each and everyone of us. In fact, we can help further global recycling programs by patronizing remanufactured ink and toner cartridges. These are actually refurbished printer consumables, not counterfeits. Remanufactured toner cartridges are specially engineered and produced in ISO certified facilities that uphold strict quality standards and rigid testing prior to distribution. Thus, third party manufacturers guarantee the yield and quality performance as well as the reliability of its consumables.

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