Epson iPrint App v2.0 : Wirelessly Print Photos, Documents And More From Your Apple Mobile Device

Epson iPrint App v2.0 Wirelessly Print Photos Documents And More From Your Apple Mobile Device

There are over 100 million subscribers worldwide to Apple mobile devices. In fact, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have already become an indispensable part of the communications media to create a demand for applications that would allow the wireless printing of content from an Apple mobile device to a wireless printer. In response to this requirement, the Epson iPrint app was developed. Now Apple devices can wirelessly transmit print jobs to several Epson all-in-one printers.

Basic Features. The Epson iPrint app offers subscribers of the iPhone and iPad direct access to particular Epson all-in-one printers. A number of Epson AIO models now play host to this particular application; the Epson Artisan 700 is one, along with the 710, 725 and 800. With the application, mobile device and printer in sync, users can directly send web page information to the printer for storage or printing without the need of accessing a PC. This allows users to print photos, web pages, email attachments, Microsoft Office documents and PDF files wirelessly from their Apple mobile device.

Supplemental Features. Direct printing of documents (not just photos) from the Apple device is not the only feature added to Version 2.0 of the proprietary application. The Epson iPrint app also supports the direct scan of photos and documents to an Apple mobile device. Now users can scan files from a compatible Epson all-in-one printer and share it by saving the file to the mobile device, send via email or uploading it to online file storage sites such as Boxnet, Dropbox and Evernote.

Printer Configuration Option. Aside from the features previously mentioned, the application allows the configuration of basic print quality settings for paper size or type, number of copies and page series – all through the mobile device. Now users are given the option to print multiple photos or not as well as go borderless or print with borders. Switching between color and monochrome prints is also possible. Moreover, the user can check the operation and even the ink supply levels of compatible Epson all-in- one printers, and likewise order ink and supplies. When met with irregularities about the system and printing operations, the built-in FAQ section offers help and troubleshooting instructions.

Remember that the Internet based Epson iPrint app is no longer confined to just printing photos, but offers much, much more. The bottom line is that the upgraded version has optimized convenience an extra mile high.”

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