Epson Connect : The Latest Addition To Remote Printing Solutions

Epson Connect The Latest Addition To Remote Printing Solutions

Epson connect is the company’s latest innovation and entry into the field of mobile printing solutions, similar in principle to the Google Cloud Print or the AirPrint from Apple. The idea is to give anyone even from the other side of the globe, the privilege to access printing from mobile devices by sending photos or documents directly to an enabled printer. This solution is applicable to any printer but better yet, if the printer is already compatible with Epson iPrint platform services and is fully loaded with Epson printer cartridges.

How does Epson connect works? The Epson iPrint platform allows anybody to access this mobile printing solutions, provided the host printer is enabled or has downloaded the free App designed for it.  However in terms of perfect compatibility, what is recommended is the use of Epson printers and Epson printer cartridges to maintain the degree of print quality.

  • Printing from mobile devices is the main thrust behind the design of the Epson iPrint platform to allow anybody with a smartphone, tablet and PC or any other Web-based devices to directly access the printer. The enabled printer is given a unique e-mail address (similar to a reliable Fax number), so anybody with the number can send messages directly and print. The reach is indefinite and virtually has no limit; provided that the area has a local Internet service provider. Of course, printing is only possible if the printer is continuously powered on and has sufficient onboard ink filling its Epson printer cartridges.
  • Epson connect as a mobile printing solution is not limited to Web-based applications because without the Internet, the mobile printing solution is active even inside the house, outside (within a limited distance), or within an office. The platform has a wireless local service network to allow printing from mobile devices over remotely short distances. This sits well with users of mobile devices near the pool, for instance, or to those too lazy to approach the printer on the second floor.

Epson connect is really designed for people on the move and those requiring document printing from mobile devices even when away from home, the office, and practically anywhere around the world. Never leave your printer with an empty set of Epson printer cartridges. Always maintain a sufficient ink level because you can never really tell when you’ll be needing to print a document a few hundred miles from your workplace.

Always remember that if you are using an Epson printer, be grateful because Epson connect has joined other hosts to provide remote printing solutions allowing unlimited access to printing from any mobile device.


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