Enter SOC: The New Generation Printer Cartridge Chip Technology

During the RT imaging summit last May in Las Vegas, one topic stood out as beneficial to the digital printing industry. It pertains to the new generation SOC (system on chip) printer cartridge chip and chip resetting technology to reset used OEM chips. A SOC is the integrated circuit (IC) that integrates all components, computer and other electronic system into a single chip. SOC are commonly used in mobile electronic devices because of their low power consumption.

This is good news to printer users because SOC technology as detailed by Richard E. Clemmer!! Senior Sales Manager of APEX Microelectronics US is the next big thing in printer cartridge chip technology. Due to its potential, SOC will be the next technology to be adapted by OEM. It is a combination of system hardware and software controlled by the CPU (central processing unit). Under the CPU, a SOC type chip can be coaxed to operate at higher speeds, smoother operations and stronger encryption but at a lower cost and minimized power consumption.

Any technical system that aims to improve the print coverage longevity of ink and toner cartridges is welcome to consumers. The SOC CPU technology is an innovation that places control in the user fingertips. It actually releases users from the shackles of printing blindly in the past.

Aside from the SOC CPU technology, the summit is also privy to the reintroduction of the chip resetting technology for aftermarket cartridge vendors. This however, is not a new technology, having been in use for the past six years. Anyone who aims to reset a used OEM chip can actually get the technology and corresponding upgrades from the Internet. The chip resetting device however, is made much easier to use to meet the needs of many customers. Resetting OEM laser and inkjet cartridge chips is the best form of recycling. Why throw away used OEM chips when you can reset it to full performance again.

Remember, the SOC CPU printer cartridge chip technology is not an OEM innovation. It is the brainchild of an aftermarket cartridge company. This only reinforces the fact that in terms of printer technology, the aftermarket can give OEMs a run for their money.

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Photo credit: theloushe via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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