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EAHG Toner : Generate High Quality Laser Prints Even At The Fastest Print Speeds

It took some time before the print speed of laser printers could reach the 50 pages per minute or ppm plateau. Toner technology could not match the rapid advances made on print engine design which therefore explains the lag. The culprit behind this delay is the awfully longer time it takes for toner particles to fuse and bond permanently to paper fibers. So in effect, printer manufacturers had to retard print speed to accommodate the fusing process and allow it to run its normal course while preventing toner from flaking or smearing. However with the development of the EA-HG or the Emulsion Aggregate High Gloss toner by Xerox in the late 90’s, laser printing turned a different route.

Unlike the conventional jet-milled toner, the EA-HG is entirely different because toner particles are literally grown amidst a controlled environment. This resulted to the produce of more refined toner particles measuring a smaller diameter across (around 3 microns) and exhibiting very low fusing temperature as well. The low toner fusing temperature offered printer manufacturers the gateway to increase print speed without sacrificing print quality. It used to be that when users opt for the speedy printout of documents, they too have to accept the concession of generating only average print quality or draft copies of the document. A classic example is the Xerox Phaser 6360dn that can deliver color printouts at 42 ppm. Although it is considered the fastest, experts assert that output given the print speed still could not match print quality.

For the moment though, the fastest desktop color laser printer is the Dell 2130cn. Nonetheless, the unit is not designed for round the clock printing in an office with say a dozen or more employees, unlike its Xerox counterpart. The Dell speed monster delivers single sided documents at the rate of 47 ppm and 37 ppm for duplex printing. As an added impetus to users, Dell not only exceeded print speed limits, but improved print quality as well. The COLORBYDELL is a total print quality solution that delivers exceptional color diffusion, image sharpness and excellent print quality for printed output. Dell therefore guarantees that at the speed of 47 ppm, all printouts henceforth will bear exceptional color print quality.

Toner refill kits like the rainbow pack (CMYK) Dell 2130 will not be left behind for long since third party manufacturers have produced its own version of the emulsion-grown toner. Price still happens to be the biggest difference since a toner refill kit 4 pack compatible with Dell 2130 cartridges is retailed for only $53.95 against the bundled OEM cartridges at $536. The OEM Dell 330-1437 (cyan) for example delivers a yield of 2,500 pages based on a 5% standard coverage similar to its toner refill counterpart. The OEM costs $139 compared to the refill toner at only $15.95 and with both exhibiting parallel print quality, this makes toner refills the sensible option.

Reuse empty toner cartridges and save as much as 80% on printing costs. Visit and shop for the toner refill kit compatible with your cartridge.

Next time, when met with an empty Dell cartridge, don’t hesitate to use the toner refill kit counterpart. Be rest assured, its compatible emulsion-producer can match any print speed, even at 47 ppm. Now, users can produce high quality printouts without having to deal with longer printing times.


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