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EA-HG Toner Technology : Now Applied To Aftermarket Toner!

Laser printing has improved several times better over the last decade with the development of the Chemical Toner some 7 years ago. This toner technology was the brainchild of Xerox Corporation, having invented the toner technology that all other printer manufacturers adopted for their own line of toner cartridges. The Chemical Toner developed by Xerox is marketed as the EA-HG(Emulsion Aggregate High Gloss), aptly described because toner was devised to literally grow in a water-based chemical emulsion. Thus the size and shape of the chemically grown toner is environmentally controlled; resulting in toner sizes 3 microns to 10 microns in diameter, and in shapes that are consistently spherical or oval.

The spherical shape of Chemical Toner is ideal for laser printing because toner can conveniently roll over the latent images created on the OPC Drum surface. This toner type is entirely different from jet-milled toner of the previous years that sported irregularly shaped edges, resulting in toner waste as the jagged edges prevent the easy movement of toner particles. For a while, printer manufacturers enjoyed the advantage over the aftermarket toner consumable. But not for long because around 22 months ago this toner technology has likewise been replicated in the production laboratories of third party manufacturers. This only goes to show that both OEM and aftermarket toner today stand on an even keel with no one asserting supremacy over the other.

With the coming of age of aftermarket consumables – particularly toner refill kits; consumers are fully assured that printouts (laser prints) herewith will no longer show any form of disparity to the OEM toner. The bone of contention being print quality and yield in printed pages are addressed feasibly. A good example of a toner refill kit that employs this novel toner technology is the Dell 5100 toner refill kit that is intended to refill the 310-5810 toner cartridge. Retailed to users at $28.95, the consumable is rated 8,000 pages at 5% coverage. Compare this to the OEM toner cartridge that is sold at Dell outlets for $210 or over 85% more than its aftermarket counterpart. With both toner products exhibiting similar printing potentials (print quality and yield); toner refill kits are obviously the better option.

Never hesitate to use toner refill kits to support your laser printing requirements for after all both OEM and compatible toner use the same toner technology.


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