Does Your Printer Rate Well With The BUZZ METER?

When it comes to color laser printing, the buzz meter always provides users timely information and feedback on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the latest development in print speed based on output pages per minute (PPM), cost per page (CPP), and updates on state of the art printing technology such as the single pass array. The list goes on and on.

Despite the advancements in printer technology, the buzz meter critiques about the rising cost of OEM consumables, particularly toner cartridges. This seems to have defied common perception since printer manufacturers are investing a big chunk of R&D dollars into the design and production of toners and cartridges in order to minimize related costs.

No one would likely be delighted to be charged a hefty $365 for a replacement toner cartridge. It is likely that the latest innovations in printer technology has ensued the sharp rise in toner consumable pricing.

The single pass print engine design for one literally stretches the cost, not only of the printer upfront, but that of the replacement toner cartridge as well. While toner cartridges for multi-pass color laser printers are devised to be stand alone units, single pass cartridges integrate the OPC Drum into the unit. Therefore when toner supply of the cartridge is depleted, the user will also have to replace the OPC Drum.

The sad part about this new cartridge set up is that the OPC Drum can last up to 3 to 4 times the expected life of OEM toner supplied with the cartridge. Say for a high yield cartridge rated 22,000 pages at 5% page coverage, the paired OPC Drum can withstand at least 80,000 pages. This is a yield disparity that is hard to bear, particularly for users working on a tight budget. Despite the odds, users can always turn to the aftermarket for solutions. Know that empties can be reloaded with a fresh shot of compatible toner supplied with toner refill kits and reused for another cycle of printing.

The truth is, compatible and OEM toners are manufactured along the same lines of composition, particle size and technology, resulting to similar print quality and yield. Users can actually administer 3 to 4 refills to coincide with the expected end life of the OPC Drum. So to keep the buzz meter in check, take note of how toner refill kits offer substantial reduction in toner consumable expenses and TCO while improving CPP output.

The Buzz Meter rates a printer more accurately and how the production of high-yield OEM toner cartridges should keep color printing expenditures within tolerable levels. Does your printer rate well?

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