Demand For MFPs, Laser Printers Sustained Despite Difficult Times

Multi-function Printers sustained its lead in the sale of printer peripherals worldwide. According to a recent news release by the IDC, monochrome MFPs prevailed over other technology segments in terms of total sales at $4.2 billion while its color printer counterpart is gaining ground and closely following its lead.

Although the worldwide hardcopy peripherals market growth rate declined by 21% in 2009, the industry still managed to ship in 24.1 million units by the end of the second quarter. Over the same period as reported by IDC, shipment value declined by 23.2% to only11.6 billion euros.

Market Share of Printer Manufacturers

Despite the economic downturn, 5 giant printer manufacturers posted moderate market projections based on units sold and revenues accrued. Figures were based on the August 2009 Hardcopy Peripherals Market Share and Year-Over-Year Growth Report of IDC.

  • Printing GiantHewlett Packard (HP) still tops unit shipments despite dropping 4 market share points – from 44% in 2008 to 40% in 2009, and remains to be the worldwide leader in the supply of printing peripherals.
  • Canon came in second but achieved impressive growth rates to outperform other vendors from the top 5 by increasing its market share from 17% in 2008 to 20% in 2009 and achieving a positive growth rate of 5%. Canon’s US shipments meanwhile achieved a solid 7% growth rate for the same period.
  • Increasing its worldwide market share by 1%, Epson was able to sustain its position as the third largest supplier of hardcopy peripherals. Epson follows Canon closely in terms of growth rate at -13% and managed a 1% growth rate for its US segment.
  • Despite the gains in market share, Brother came in only at a distant fourth while growth rates dropped to -18% in both worldwide and US markets..
  • Lexmark tails the pack at number 5 with over 1 million unit shipments worldwide in 2009 but advanced to rank no 3 in the US by gaining 2 market share points and a positive growth rate of 3%.

Amidst uncertainty, the giant printer manufacturers downplayed the economic turmoil and managed to stay financially viable. Consumer Preference With consumer spending down to an all time low, the novelty of both monochrome and color MFPs have the greatest appeal to cost-conscious consumers; given the bundled scanning, faxing and printing functions all rolled into one. The prudent and smart consumer will always pick a product that is cost-effective while efficient and likewise eco-friendly.Notwithstanding the expensive consumables of a laser printer that is way beyond the budget in these hard times, the presence of the toner refill kits in the market likely provides consumers with a sensible option.

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