Cool Christmas Gifts : Laser Printer Deals Under 100

Running out of ideas for cool Christmas gifts? Electronic items such as monochrome laser printers definitely fit the bill. As always, the upfront cost of the printer unit is a primary consideration. If you got a hundred dollars, well then you are in luck as you can avail of laser printer deals under 100dollars. Note that majority of mono laser printer are retailed at $100 or even below.

Here are 5 monochrome laser printer deals under 100 dollars that qualify as cool Christmas gifts this holiday season.

Brother HL2170W

A good addition to a small sized workplace or your home office

For its below $100 price tag, the Brother HL2170W offers a 2400 x 600 dpi printer resolution that already makes possible the turnout of clear, clean and razor sharp monochromatic texts and images. Apart from its generous print speed of 23 PPM (pages per minute) and CPP (cost per page) of only 1.6 cents, this compact and budget friendly printer also features wireless connectivity.

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One of the cool Christmas gifts ideal for home and personal users!

Stylish printer at a budget friendly price! Who says a basic and affordable mono laser printer can have the trimmings of its more sophisticated counterparts? This LaserJet model is equipped with a decent 19 PPM speed and a dpi resolution of 1200 x 1200, and likewise set for wireless networking. Apart from its CPP rating of 3.8 cents, the unit is also an energy miser.

Samsung ML2525W

Must-have holiday present for the home office professional

The Samsung ML2525W is one of the more reliable mono laser printers given its printing speed of 24 PPM and DPI printer resolution of 1200 x 1200. While it may come with the highest CPP at 4 cents, this is in part due to the low yield printer cartridge that is rated1500 pages based on the 5% standard page coverage. The ML2525W integrates one touch web printing and wireless connectivity at a budget acquisition cost.

Brother HL2270DW

The perfect Christmas gift for individuals and small workgroups

The Brother HL2270DW is a space saving monochrome printer running at the boosted print speed of 27 PPM and a DPI resolution of 2400 x 600. Nonetheless, it operates with a higher CPP of 4 cents. For its $89.98 retail price, the bundled features include built-in duplexing and wireless connectivity.

Samsung ML1665

One Touch Wonder of a holiday present to impress techie students or an entrepreneur always on the go!

Small footprint, energy efficient and low noise, the world smallest monochrome laser printer definitely embodies the concept of cool Christmas gifts. The Samsung ML1665 printer is the cheapest among the brood as the unit retails for less than $40. As to be expected, speed is a manageable 16 PPM while printer resolution is a basic 1200 x 600 dpi.  CPP is also the highest at 4.6 cents.

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Monochrome laser printers are always treated as something personal. More often than not, these are used as standalone printers at home or in a home office set up. Consequently, this also make mono laser printers a cool Christmas gift idea for to teens, university students; home office entrepreneurs, professionals and why not for yourself as well.

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