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Configure Your HP 2600N Laser Printer And Avoid Printing Quality Issues

Configure Your HP 2600N Laser Printer And Avoid Printing Quality Issues

The HP Laserjet 2600n color laser printer has been devised to be user friendly and is therefore outfitted with functionalities that guide first time users over the state of the art features of the unit. A user will simply have to browse the service manual more closely to appreciate the laser printer’s capabilities and likewise be able to resolve pertinent cleaning and maintenance issues through its control panel.

Avoiding, identifying and even correcting print defects is a standard feature of the HP 2600n color printer. Simply refer to the legibly charted, print quality issues checklist to identify the problem. Any encountered print quality defect has an accompanying solution presented on the chart and troubleshooting could be performed conveniently through the control panel – without even opening the laser printer. Below is a rundown of the common causes of print defects encountered in the use of an HP 2600n laser printer.

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Type of print media used is a typical cause of most print defects; particularly when transparencies loaded do not meet printer specifications. Laser printer users should know that print quality is at its best when paper used is coated or with that smooth, glossy surface. If special print media is loaded for the printout of labels, transparencies, collaterals and letterhead, make sure that an appropriate print setting is selected on the control panel so that the desired printout quality will be generated.

Low toner supply also contributes reasonably to print quality problems. Thus, it becomes necessary to periodically monitor the Supplies Status Page of the printer to know if consumables’ supply levels are already low or empty. Note however that the supplies status monitor do not operate when a refilled toner cartridge is loaded into the laser printer Therefore, the information prompt is not available for toner cartridges replenished with a toner refill kit. Nonetheless, printing continues but the user will just have to manually check if the cartridge requires a refill.

When the unit is printing incorrectly, the trouble is usually associated with software used. At this point, it’s time to call HP Customer Care or perhaps search for a solution outlined in the flyer that comes with the packaging. However if printing is successful with the supplied program called the HP Toolbox, then the problem most likely lies with the printer driver. Now if the laser printer is running on a different software, then the culprit is probably the software. To correct this problem, restart both the printer and computer and try to print anew.

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Most print quality problems pertinent to the HP 2600n color laser printer have remedies and the solutions can be accessed outright on the laser printer’s control panel.

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