Compatible Laser Toner Cartridges : Why Laser Printer Users Should Patronize The Printer Consumable?

Do printer manufacturers scare tactics influence your preference for printer consumables? Recent statistics proved that it in fact affected consumer preference since only 10% of laser printer users patronize compatible laser toner cartridges. A solid 80% root for OEM toner cartridges while a few fall prey to counterfeit cartridges.

It is understandable for consumers to be wary of the inferior quality, counterfeit cartridge, but what then is behind the lagging market share for compatible laser toner cartridges? It is apparent that consumer confidence was tainted by counterfeits operating in the printer consumables market compatibles less attractive to buyers.

Did you know that both OEM and compatible laser toner cartridges could be likely using similar imaging components? This observation could be true! Many components are actually outsourced from third parties as this set up will prove to be less costly for manufacturers. In a parallel example, you cannot expect GM or FORD for that matter to manufacture all of the cars parts. Said multinational companies manufacture the engine but end up outsourcing from car parts manufacturers worldwide the starter, the alternator, the tires, the headlamps, taillights and several others. The same production set up is at work with compatible laser toner cartridges. Imaging components come from all over the world such as China, Japan, South Korea and some countries of the European Union.

Looks like outsourcing really works! The consolation being both OEM and compatible toner cartridges can assure consumers the delivery of the same level of print and yield performance. Perhaps the only difference would come with the meticulous process of putting together the loose outsourced parts because if the manufacturer does not have the facilities to support the assembly, then the end product would be affected. Printer manufacturers put premium in the assembly process because imaging components have tolerances that are accurately specified. When tolerances are not met, cartridge malfunction could likely occur. A bleeding cartridge for instance will not only cause print irregularities but could also damage the laser printer sensitive components.

Practically all cartridge parts are outsourced, starting from the hard plastic shell or casing, to the developer roller (magnetic roller) coupled with the doctor blade that controls the amount of toner supplied to the OPC Drum. Other components outsourced include the PCR or Primary Charge Roller that is responsible for the electrostatic potential delivered to the OPC Drum and the OPC or Organic Photo Receptor Drum with the Wiper Blade that work alongside to clean the Drum surface of excess toner after every printing cycle. Another component sourced from third party manufacturers is the Drum Shutter that shields the OPC Drum from direct exposure to light and sustains its potential sensitivity.

While users are advised to be wary of the purchase of counterfeit cartridges and other fake printer consumables, they can however rely on the integrity and performance of compatible laser toner cartridges to provide them with quality but affordable laser prints.

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