Compatible Kyocera Laser Printer Cartridges And Refill Kits : Now Available On LTS

Laser Tek Services, Inc. recently expanded its printer consumables line with the addition of compatible toner cartridges and toner refill kits designed for use on Kyocera laser printers.This is a boon to Kyocera laser printer users because these aftermarket toner products are priced way below its OEM counterpart. Nonetheless, said compatible consumables are guaranteed to produce OEM quality outputs despite the big price difference. Therefore, Kyocera users will experience topnotch print quality but incur lesser printing costs per page of output.

Compatible Cartridges. For the thousands of users patronizing Kyocera brand laser printers, the Kyocera tk57compatibletoner cartridge that loads the Kyocera fs1920 printer can now be purchased online at the LTS website. Other Kyoceracompatible toner cartridges retailed on the site include tk17 (for use on the fs1000 and fs1010 laser printers) and tk18 (for use on the fs1018 and fs1020 laser printers). Visit the site for a rundown of other compatible Kyocera toner cartridges now distributed by LTS.

Toner Refill Kits. The Kyocera FS 1920 printer one popular laser printer and so to provide users with another consumable option (particularly the budget conscious segment), toner refill kit compatible for use on empty Kyocera tk57 tonercartridges is now part of the regular LTS product line. Toner refill kits for the tk20 (for use on the fs1700 printer), tk310 and tk312 cartridges (both for use on the fs2000 printer) are likewise available in individual and 4 packs. Check out the site for a complete list of the compatible Kyocera toner refill kits published on the LTS site.

The Price Difference. The abovementioned Kyocera compatible printer consumables are highly recommended for use and are guaranteed to produce OEM quality prints and yield. Moreover, the cost savings derived from the use of these aftermarket consumables is another benefit that needs to be emphasized.  For instance, the Kyocera tk57 compatible tonercartridge retails at $45.95 while the equivalent toner refill kit is sold for only $26.80. Compare that to the $95 price tag of the OEM cartridge and you enjoy savings of over 50% and at least 70% for the Kyocera tk57 compatible cartridge and refill kit respectively. Just think how much you will save on printing expenses if the usage is measured annually.

Want to sample any of LTS printer consumable line designed for Kyocera laser printers? Place your orders online by creating an account on the site and clicking the Add to Cart Button after selecting your item of choice. You can also order via telephone by calling LTS hotline number 1-877-945-2737 during business hours and on week days.

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