Common Dell Laptop Battery Problems

Common Dell Laptop Battery Problems

Laptop computers come bundled with AC adapters out of the box. To operate efficiently, laptop units must be plugged to the AC convenience outlet. Dell laptops, just like any other laptop brand, are also outfitted a standby lithium-ion battery pack. So in case of a power outage, the user can still work without interruption for the next 3 to 5 hours. Now Dell laptop battery standby power is dependent on computer usage, configuration and the power management setting of the device.

So, in a nutshell laptop computers can work even without the battery pack. But because users work away from a power source for convenience, a battery pack becomes a necessity. Whenever a laptop is plugged to a power outlet, the Dell AC adapter automatically delivers a charge to the Dell laptop battery pack; that is even if the laptop is not yet running.  It is likely for the user not to notice that the battery pack is being charged, and will only be aware once charging has been completed.

The combo of laptop and battery always presents problems not just for Dell laptop computers but all other laptop computers and notebooks in general. Below are 3 basic problems that users normally encounter when dealing with a laptop computer.

Battery will not charge at all. This is a question that normally arises when the battery pack has been in use for over a year, because it is expected that lithium-ion battery packs may have reached its end life. However if the Dell laptop battery is still new; a loose connection may be the culprit behind this since the Dell AC adapter and battery is served by a pin socket connection that is prone to lose contact due to dust, temperature, heat and even humidity that are all dictated by the home or office environment.

Battery cannot hold a charge. Now this is a dreaded question that users avoid (if they can) because it only means that there is a break in the inner circuitry of the laptop battery €“ meaning the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. But, it is also possible that the pin-socket connection is loose and that is why the battery could not accept an electrical charge.

Dell AC adapter will not work. Well as indicated earlier, the pin socket connection may be loose, or the adapter may have reached its end life and needs to be replaced. Remember that AC power adapters are built with very fine electromagnetic windings that could burn out if left plugged to the outlet for long periods of time.

These laptop battery issues are not really equipment threatening. A little push or shove of the pin-socket connection usually resolves the Dell laptop battery problem. So, never lose heart when the laptop and battery pack is encountering problems, the solution could just be within reach.

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