Colour Wireless Printers : Top 5 Single Function Deals

Colour Wireless Printers - Top 5 Single Function Deals

Why is there an increasing preference for colour wireless printers in workplaces? The reason could only be convenience because setting-up a wired printer is really cumbersome. In an office where say at least 10 computers share the same printer, just imagine the meters upon meters of cables that will connect each PC to the printer.

The installation procedures involved is really technically trying as each pin connection has to be thoroughly tested for continuity, otherwise print issues would manifest. Moreover, pin connections are predisposed to conditions of heat, temperature and humidity; thus, the turn up of print issues cannot be avoided in the regular operation of colour wireless printers.

In a wireless networked environment, the initiating PC is connected to a WIFI router that communicates with each PC hooked to the network. The labyrinth of cables typical to a wired set up is therefore eliminated. What is required is the reconfiguration of software to initiate wireless printing within the network. The end result is an office environment that is free of electronic clutter.

Here are 5 of the commonly prescribed single function, colour wireless printer in a networked office environment. Looks like brother wireless printers have the upper hand in this category since 4 of the 5 models listed are from the manufacturer Brother.

Brother HL 4070CDW. This model generally typifies a single function, wireless color printer that would satisfy the requirements of a networked office environment. Retailed at $499, the HL 4070CDW prints mono and color pages at the speed of 21ppm (pages per minute) and also comes with a decent dpi (dots per inch) resolution of up to 2400 x 600. This printer is a plus factor in any office setting because of its low CPP (cost per page) turnout of only $2.95 cents. Looks like this Brother model is set to minimize laser printing expenditures and the replacement of TN-110 toner cartridges as well.

Brother HL 4070CDW. The HL4570CDW is a cousin of the HL4070CDW. Sold basically at the same price and dpi resolution, this model however delivers mono and color prints at 30ppm and operates with a higher CPP at $ 3.55 cents.

Brother HL4570CDWT. This model could not outpace the above listed brother wireless printers with its print speed of 30 ppm and CPP of $ 3.55 cents that are both at par with that of the HL 4070CDW. Nonetheless, the HL4570CDWT fetches a higher price tag at $599.

Brother HL3070CW. The HL3070CW comes cheapest among its counterpart brother wireless printers given its $349 retails price. As expected, it is designed with a slower print speed of 17 ppm. The unit also posts a higher CPP at 3.78cents.

Lexmark C544dw. Closing out the list is this fully loaded color wireless printer from manufacturer, Lexmark. At a price tag of $449, the printer model delivers a print speed of 25ppm and turns out laser prints at a dpi print resolution that is a big bonus to users at 1200 x 1200. However, the C544dw posts the highest CPP against the listed brother wireless printers at $ 6.14 cents.

Bear in mind that the list features single function colour wireless printer retailing at the ceiling price of $500. The CPP is included in the survey because it is one vital factor that affects office printing expenditures.

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