Color Laser Printers : Are They Worth The Bucks You Pay?

Owning and operating a color laser printer can get really expensive. Thus, we seldom find this device in workplaces, more so in homes and home offices. The primary reason buyers defer from a purchase is the upfront cost as this type of printer is priced several times than that of the inkjet. Second is the fear that maintenance costs will be restrictive. And why not when the device operates with numerous mechanical moving parts that run in sync. This therefore requires regular maintenance so that the components will work seamlessly. Include the cost of its 4 set color toner cartridges which further hikes the device’s maintenance cost

To some, the cost pertinent to the operation of a color laser printer is too high to ignore. But then again, the benefits the device delivers to the workplace compensates for it. So whatever the cost may be, many will still prefer a laser printer over an inkjet.

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Print speed. Speed is a primary consideration because this affects personnel efficiency and overall office productivity. While an inkjet can print 4 to 5 documents per minute, an equivalent color laser printer can deliver 40 to 50 prints within the same time frame. In a networked office environment, a single laser printer will be enough to serve workplace printing requirements that considerably pull down office expenditures. Whereas at the same breadth, each personnel must be allocated with individual inkjets in order to sustain a similar degree of efficiency.

Printing convenience. Color laser printers load color toner cartridges that are rated at thousands of pages per cartridge. This only means convenience on the part of users turning out high volume print jobs each day because the printer can operate continuously for weeks or months without the need for frequent cartridge replacements. However, the upfront cost of color toner cartridges is so expensive that a complete replacement would probably be a little less than the cost of the printer. Some users shift to using toner refill kits to replenish the used and empty cartridges to save on toner expenses.

Print quality. Prints delivered by color laser printers have the professional look and image sheen that could never be duplicated by even the best inkjet printers. Many would choose to have a color laser printer due to the more presentable documents turned out that more often impresses clients.

Remember to always maintain to adequate levels the amount of color toner in cartridges to derive the print quality expected from a laser printer. As an added benefit, it is much cheaper to operate a color laser printer in the long run compared to an inkjet.

toner refill kits.

So is your investment for a color laser printer worth the buck? The answer could only be yes because what matters is the quality of the documents delivered.

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