Color Laser Photo Printer : Shopping And Usage Tips

Color Laser Photo Printer - Shopping And Usage Tips

Color photo printing is exclusively the domain of inkjet photo printer because it can do justice to images printed on paper. However, operating an inkjet printer can really be expensive and restrictive. If print jobs are voluminous, color laser photo printers will be a better alternative.  Of course photos will come out more impressive if printed on laser printer photo paper or on inkjet photo paper.

Picking the ideal color laser photo printer though is really difficult, considering that there are hundreds of models being peddled out in the market. To simplify matters, the 3 tips below will offer some insight.

Shop intelligently. Color laser photo printers are expensive upfront compared to inkjet printers.  So, it is really important to choose the right one since it is a substantial investment.  Sites that feature printer reviews can actually help prospective buyers choose the right printer.  The noteworthy features to look for in a color laser photo printer include print speeds that should go beyond the 5 pages per minute (ppm) mark and dots per inch resolution of at least 2400 dpi €“ the higher the dpi resolution the better the print quality. If possible, the unit should come with dual USB ports, so that one port can be used sparingly for the camera. Also check for software compatibility prior to purchase.

Use the prescribed laser printer photo paper. Regular photo paper will never be able to deliver the kind of photographic images expected from laser printers. For best results, 30lb. and 110 brightness presentation papers will be ideal. Another option is to use the high-grade colorlaser printer photo paper.

Maintain a decent ink/toner supply level. Color laser photo printers typically come with 4 color cartridges (CMYK) that must be kept supplied with toner. Never allow toner levels to fall below 25% or the printout quality will suffer. Replace or refill the cartridge using toner refill kits, whichever is convenient for the user.  Likewise, clean the laser printer of spilled toner periodically to avoid specks that will affect the quality of the printed photos.

Remember that an excellent photo printed by a color laser printer is not always dependent on the technical features of the machine. But quality will be more than adequate if the perfect laser printer photo paper is used in the process.

In the end, the most expensive color laser photo printer is not always guaranteed to be the ideal equipment. In fact, less expensive units with technically advanced features could deliver better photo quality images. The bottom line, pick the machine that could better satisfy the printing need.

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