CLX3185FW Samsung Laser Printer : The MFC Ideal For SOHOs

CLX3185FW Samsung Laser Printer - The MFC Ideal For SOHOs

Multi function color laser printers have so far breached only the upper end of the printer market. It appears that the aspects of unit and maintenance costs have singled out users with tighter purses such as the small office, home office or SOHO.  Good thing Samsung developed a color laser printer fit for the SOHO environment. The Samsung laser printer CLX3185FW is a versatile 4 in 1 color laser printer that lets users do typical office tasks in total convenience. The one touch setting that instantly connects the device to the WiFi office network is one good example.

Elegant Design with Small Footprint. The CLX3185FW is the ideal color printer for the busy and stylish, home office environment. Designed with sophistication and practicality, the device sports rounded edges and panels in gray and cream finish, depicting corporate colors. Moreover, it is outfitted with elegantly conceived LED lights.

Given a minimal carbon footprint, the CLX3185FW easily blends with any desktop and leaves plenty of space for the personnel to do his thing. At this rate, the Samsung laser printer can practically fit anywhere.

High Resolution Outputs. In line with its maximum resolution setting of 2400 by 600 dots per inch or DPI, the Samsung CLX3185FW is intended for high quality printing; particularly print jobs requiring high color accuracy. Users will just have to content with the set print speed of 4 pages per minute or PPM in the turn out of full color outputs.

Polymerized Toner Powder. A polymerized type of toner loads the cartridges of this Samsung laser printer. Polymerized toner powder comprises of minute particles that are smaller than chemical toner powder and also standardized in terms of shape and size. The properties of polymerized toner put forth high color accuracy over printouts resulting in evenly distributed texts and images; precise color placement, stunning and relatively glossier printouts. The CLX3185FW promises to deliver outputs that are a lot more colorful, with clear and legible texts involving even the smallest of fonts.

Silent Operator. The CLX3185FW color laser printer is a decent addition to the office setting because it prints so silently that it does not add-up to the usual office chatter.  Users will hardly notice the laser printer in operation. Operating at the noise level rate of 46dBA (color prints) and 48dBA (monochrome prints), the unit’s regular hum will be defeated by external sounds and noises.

Retailing at the starting price of under $399, the CLX3185FW is the ideal printing device for any SOHO environment. Compact and small, it can fit almostanywhere. The Samsung laser printer is emerging as the best color laser printing solution the Industry can offer.

Photo credit: osde8info / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

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