Cartridge Industry Gets Zero Growth Forecast, Steady Growth Expected for Toner Cartridges

Digital Printing is on a decline. The reason behind this is the unexpected shift in printing practices. This could be attributed to economic factors that drive users to rely mostly on electronic based information instead of printing hard copies.

We are all aware that printer companies rely on the supply of printer consumables for their revenue. Now that digital printing is on the decline, the cartridge industry is expected to suffer a Zero growth forecast. Heavily affected by the downturn are ink cartridges, bulk ink, toner cartridges, bulk toner, and media.

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Inkjet Cartridges. Inkjet cartridges and bulk ink is facing difficult times ahead as shown by the anemic response of the worldwide unit shipments and revenues. These are forecast perspectives supplied by Photiz 2013 Supplies Advisory Service Forecast. There is a raging shift in printing practices as more and more users are hinged into electronic information. Printing hard copies has only become consequential because of nagging legal issues. Others resort to printing simply because of poor access to electronic information. Growth has since become stagnant and forecast does not reveal a positive aspect for change in the overall direction of the printing market.

Toner Cartridges. Toner cartridges and bulk toner in not that seriously affected by the downturn. In fact the toner cartridges market industry is expecting a steady growth up to 2016 with a minor decline in 2017. The positive forecast is the expected preference of users for color printer MFP over that of monochrome MFP. According to Photizo Report, the shipment of Color MFP’s will overshadow monochrome printers and MFP starting in 2014. And in 2016, there will be more worldwide shipment for the colored toner cartridge market over that of monochrome.

Worldwide Demand. Worldwide media demand will remain bleak up to the end of the 2017 forecast period. This development is seen as a direct result of the easy availability of mobile devices. It will in effect hasten the shift from a paper engrossed workflow to electronic based processes. Mobile devices will totally eliminate the need to print. There are still other factors that affect the decline of print volume, but all are geared towards bringing back printing of documents in-house.

The future certainly remains bleak for the printer consumable and digital printing industry. Even with the positive growth expected from the toner cartridge market industry, it will not be enough to foreshadow the ripple overall.

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With the digital printing industry expected to decline as revealed in the forecast, it signals the ZERO growth of the printer consumable industry.

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