Car Decals helps Increase Business traffic by over 500%

Did you know that car decals or vehicle wraps are the latest in outdoor advertising? In fact it is so effective that it could raise awareness about a company’s products and services by over 500%.


Car decals as an advertising strategy. Consider sending a decal or car with advertisement stickers on it. This strategy can help increase company or product name recall by over 15% compared to any other traditional forms of outdoor advertising. The reason – this is seen by around 40,000 to 80,000 viewers on a daily basis. Much more viewership is expected during heavy traffic. And if the company has fleets of mobile car decals, lasting impressions could add up to hundreds of thousands weekly. In a given year, name recall can be awesome; thus, generating a 500% increase in a company’s business traffic is an understatement.

Car decals and the American commuter. Car decals deliver advertisement to 95% of American commuters, both drivers and passengers. Owing to the customized character of vehicle wraps, they not only solicit attention and recall but also add color to freeways and highways as well. It is actually bringing advertisement directly to consumers. This is unlike billboards that are stationary and designed only to attract so consumers can gravitate towards it; or repetitive advertisements viewed on TV competing for the consumers’ air time.

Car decals and consumer awareness. The reason behind the popularity of car decals is in line with its capacity to create consumer awareness through the use of tested advertising. It is actually traditional media delivered in transit. Americans travel an average of 300 miles weekly while 80% of pedestrians log in 6 miles weekly entering cities, towns and downtown areas. As these figures deliver impression and demand, transit advertising shares rose to 19% as of 2003. This represents around $2.2B in revenues, a jump of over 100% from 1993 figures.

Car decals and the cost to install one. All forms of advertisements carry cost burdens that could eat up company finances. However for car decals, a $20,000 investment delivers to companies the equivalent of 4 million impressions yearly.

This figure translates to 900,000 radio listeners for six months; 0.75m up to a million for billboards and bus coaches; 0.6m households through the mail system. Considering that decals last up to six years, marketing costs slides to just under $500 a year or $40 per month. This is equivalent to $10 per week and less than $1.50 per day. No other form of advertisement can be cheaper than car decals.

Large format printers. These printers ease-up car decal printing processes. The introduction of large format printers and new sticker technology into the market has revolutionized the printing of car decals. In the past, materials over 4 feet are handled by printing shops. Digital technology made printing any size possible and most are now conducted in-house. Most companies only get the services of professional car decal installers, cutting substantially the cost of this type of mobile advertising.

Consider car decals next time you think of outdoor advertising. A 500% raise in your business traffic and awareness can be expected.

Photo credit: bristley via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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