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Canon Laser Printer Toner : At The Forefront Of Toner Development

Canon Laser Printer Toner - At The Forefront Of Toner Development

It is really heartening to note that Canon is now in the forefront of toner development. In fact, the OEM has influenced other manufacturers to use and adapt Canon print engines in the design of their laser printers. Many laser printers not only share the Canon print engine technology but also operate using the same cartridges. Now multi brand laser printers load similar cartridge+s. Thus, in the pursuit of developing its Canon laser printer toner formulation called the Magnetic Spherical Toner or MS toner, the OEM injects the Canon expertise; giving new meaning to the printing processes and standardizing print quality criteria as well.

MS Toner Formulation. The Canon laser printer toner formula was particularly developed for the turn out of exceptional laser prints. Backed by Canon’s Automatic Image Refinement Technology or AIR technology, the MS toner delivers high definition laser prints composed of sharp black texts and stunning graphics. Milled into a conical shape measuring 5.5 microns in diameter, these very features of the MS toner make printed graphics pop that is ideal in image development. And as each particle is composed of different polymers, the printouts reveal the classic laser printer glossy image.

MS Toner Print Quality. Canon developed the MS toner to support its lines of high quality laser printers. By high quality, we are talking about resolutions of up to 9600 dpi (dot per inch).  High-resolution color images are really bright, eye-catching and likewise not dotted with traces of fill-in patterns that are often very pronounced in low-resolution printing.  As the produced printouts are presented with full-blown colors, presentation of said documents is destined to impress clients. The Canon MS micro toner is crucial to home or home-office printing as it is designed to provide the highest-quality outputs of sharp, smooth and clean printouts.

MS Toner Cartridge. To secure the integrity of the Canon laser printer toner in the course of printing, a complementing toner cartridge was designed to load various high-end printers. It started in 1982 with the development of the all-in-one, single toner cartridge that incorporates image development with the supply of toner in its design. True to the proponent’s vision, the Canon MS toner delivered the most astounding printouts  raising laser printing to hardly imagined levels at that time. However, the single cartridge system also amplified cartridge replacement costs; thus, a much cheaper version  the compatible toner cartridge and the handy toner refill kits emerged from the printer consumables aftermarket.

The development of the Canon laser printer toner formula started it all and thereafter elevated laser printing as the end-all in the printing Industry.  And as the Industry waits for more innovation from Canon, the printing world continues to enjoy and make use of the technology now in place.

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