Can inkjet labels be used in a laser printer?

Can inkjet labels be used in a laser printer

Yes, but with disastrous results.

We can conclude disastrous because the printout is never satisfactory. If you want to get top quality output for printed labels, use the media that satisfies printer specification. Inkjet labels must only be used when running print jobs on inkjet printers. Attempting to print using any other printer can ruin not only the media but in extreme cases, the printer as well. The latter however seldom happens because modern day printers have built-in sensors that automatically react when fed with a wrong media.

Why are inkjet labels better printed on inkjet printers? The primary reason being that the label surface is treated to absorb liquid ink and not toner. During the printing cycle, liquid ink is sprayed directly into the label surface so the degree of absorption must really be efficient. Liquid ink is devised to dry quickly once it comes in contact with the label surface in order to avoid a condition called feathering. Right after the printed label exits the inkjet printer, a few seconds is needed for the print out to completely dry-up.

Why are inkjet labels off-limits to laser printing? We are well aware that laser printers operate using extreme heat to fuse toner on paper. It is like baking your goodies in the oven. Thus, any media that are not manufactured to meet the heat specification will sear, burn or crumble and cause it to jam inside the printer. This will ruin the resultant printouts and possibly affect the sensitive components of the laser printer. In a way this answers the question, can inkjet labels be used in a laser printer?

Why are we so engrossed about printing labels? First and foremost, offices need it most in their filing and storage systems. Second, some find it extra useful with envelopes particularly when handling thousand pieces of mails. Labels come in various sizes and are backed with adhesives. So employees can stick it on cabinets, folders and boxes to organize the office filing and storage system. Picking the right kind of label is necessary because most adhesives melt when subjected to heat during printing.

So, can inkjet labels be used on laser printers? Yes, but disastrous results can be expected. It is not encouraged, as adhesives will melt the inkjet label.

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