Brother MFC-J6710dw : Top Features Of This Wide Format Printer

Brother MFC-J6710dw -Top Features Of This Wide Format Printer

Organizations that turn out posters, calendars, brochures and other marketing collaterals in-house will find great use for the Brother MFC-J6710dw wide format printer. Find below a run out of its top features that serve this end.

It is a bona fide wireless all-in-one inkjet printer. Connectivity is surreal since the Brother MFC-J6710dw printer comes equipped with WiFi and Ethernet capabilities. Moreover, it runs on both PCs and Macs. Like most all-in-one printers, it can handle print, copy, and scan jobs, as well as send and receive fax messages. These are 4 important office devices rolled into one that allow users to save money and free up office space. The printer may look utterly utilitarian but its appearance is deceiving since it is extremely efficient and capable. The only downside to this printer is its huge footprint. The size is however compensated by other features such as an 11″ x 17″ scanner, 35-page ADF and 250 ledger size paper trays.

It is a wide format printer. The Brother MFC-J6710dw can be fed with transparencies up to 11″x 17″ in size.  This print capability should be a big plus for offices and individuals since posters, calendars and brochures can now be produced in-house. Of course, printout quality is dependent on the printer settings used. Stunning quality printouts can be delivered only when the factory default setting is used and particularly if printed using the Brother brand glossy paper.

It operates at fast printing speeds. Monochrome outputs for the Brother MFC-J6710dw were delivered at 8.8 ppm or pages per minute and 9.6 ppm on both PCs and Macs respectively. When using the default settings, snap-sized images printed on plain paper are turned out at 4.6 ppm. However, it only took less than a minute to print a similar image using Brother€™s proprietary photo paper. Nonetheless, speed is not the end all since ink consumption also matters. Printing a wide format document consumes 4 times more ink compared to a typical A4.

It can be loaded with low-cost replacement ink cartridges. This is good for users because inkjet color photo printing definitely consumes a lot of ink. Adjusting pertinent printer settings to save on ink usage will not be of much help either since the best print quality can only be delivered under the default settings. However, the availability of low-cost of replacement inks for the Brother MFC-J6710dw is a big consolation to users.

Two sets of standard capacity replacement inks can be loaded to the printer:

  • One 600-page black ink cartridge; and
  • Three individual color cartridges cyan, magenta, and yellow.

CPP is 4.2 cents for the black ink cartridge and 1.2 cents per color page printed. However, higher capacity Brother LC-75bk ink cartridges are also available. The high capacity, black ink cartridge is rated 2,400 pages while the high capacity color cartridges are rated 1,200 pages each.

In terms of efficiency and capability, the Brother MFC-J6710dw  is still the widely trusted wide format printer.

Photo credit: dharder9475 / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

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