Brother HL4570CDWT : Extend The Green Printer Benefits With 5 Practical Printing Tips

Environmental concern is evident in practically all things that people do such as in the choice of products, acquisition of a vehicle, and even when printing. It seems that everybody else has nurtured a sound environmental behavior so that users would think twice about the purchase of non-green printing gadgets. The Brother HL4570cdwt color laser printer is designed for this purpose, since power consumption has been dealt with conventionally, the CMYK toner cartridges have extended printing capacity to bring more dazzle to online document printing.

Even when the Brother HL4570cdwt printer supports green printing initiatives, sound environmental behavior and practices is still dependent on the users. Listed below are a few practical printing tips that support pertinent green printing initiatives, particularly in the conduct of online document printing.

Duplex Printing. The printer is ingrained with duplex printing capability; thus extensive use of this feature guarantees reduction in paper consumption. Saving on paper usage results in less number of trees chopped down annually to produce paper.

Also when printing, adjust the paper margins to the maximum settings of the printer to save paper.

Selective Printing. When doing online document printing, check the texts and only include relevant information. This will cut toner consumption and will fully extend the capability of the CMYK toner cartridges.

Regular Maintenance. Perform thorough and frequent maintenance because a fine-tuned printer in tip-top condition increases performance levels that result in toner savings, zero paper jams, and substantial drop in energy use.

Shared Printing. Always use a network-enabled printer to be shared by all personnel, as a single printer reduces equipment procurement costs, streamlines office operations, and provide an effective monitoring of the CMYK toner cartridges consumption.

Cartridge Refills. Like in all color laser printers, the Brother HL4570cdwt loads four sets of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) toner cartridges, that are designed high yield in order to minimize frequent cartridge replacement. However, users become environment friendly when they refill cartridges using toner refill kits to as much as three times before finally disposing the empty cartridges. This extends the print capacity of the cartridge to four lifetimes and reduces production of cartridges at a similar rate.

All these and more can be accomplished if users follow green printing practices that the Brother HL4570cdwt color laser printer fully supports.

Remember that a sound environmental practice is not learned overnight but is borne out of habit. This proves that choosing printers, related devices, and electronic gadgets that fully support green printing initiatives is certainly of great benefit in the end.

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