Brother DCP 1000 : Can Its Scanner Light Be Switched Off?

Brother DCP 1000 Can Its Scanner Light Be Switched Off

One of the most talked about issues involving scanner devices is a scanner lamp that remains lit, hours after the last scan job was completed. Like all the other multi-function laser printers, the 11×14 flatbed scanner bundled into the Brother DCP 1000 all in one laser printer operates with a fluorescent scanner lamp. The actual timeout for the lamp is 16 hours after the last scan job. This would only mean that the printer has stayed idle for 16 hours and no activity like scanning, printing, faxing or copying has transpired for that duration.

Given the lengthy time interval before the programmed timeout expires, concerns about a possible machine malfunction and energy consumption issues come to the fore.  Consequently, this prompts users of the Brother DCP 1000 to ask if the scanner light can actually be turned off.

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Switching Off the Scanner Lamp: Is it Possible?
A 16 hour timeout is programmed for the scanner lamp of the 11×14 flatbed scanner and that’s it! As per design of the DCP 1000, there is no built in switch or software that could override this setting, except of course when the all in one laser printer is switched off. Doing that each time a scan job is completed will however put a lot of stress on the unit’s starter. Consequently, this single factor will reduce the effective life of the lamp.

Scanner Lamp Stays Lit for Extended Hours: Why is it designed that way?
The 11×14 flatbed scanner operates with a fluorescent scanner lamp as its light source. The scanner lamp requires a warm up time of around 30 minutes and is designed to remain activated prior and following the scan of a document in order to produce a stable color temperature. Switching off the device immediately after a scan job could trigger undue color discrepancies that will manifest on the scanned output.

Scanner Lamp Energy Rating: Does it consume much power?
The fluorescent scanner lamp uses minimal power to operate. Therefore, switching the 11×14 flatbed scanner during periods of inactivity does not justify the move. In fact, the scanner lamp is continuously lit not only to protect the lamp but also to minimize energy consumption that is not possible in the repeated start ups of the machine. Instead, ascertain the machine’s energy usage during sleep mode and the rate of toner consumption that can be monitored through the number of Brother TN250 toner cartridge replacement per month. These factors will reflect the actual operating expenses for the Brother DCP 1000 all in one laser printer.

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Just like a fluorescent light bulb installed on the ceiling, the fluorescent scanner lamp is better left powered on continuously and turned off only at the end of office hours.

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