Berg Cloud’s Little Printer : The Best Way To Increase Your Reading Pleasure

Berg Cloud's Little Printer - The Best Way To Increase Your Reading Pleasure

The Berg Clouds little printer is directly connected to the web, but it has a brain that gathers information and prints it newspaper style. So, if the main concern of a user is about what is currently happening in sports, then sports news will be up for the taking once the user returns home. Printing e-mails or notes from a loved one is also possible with the Berg little printer. If you want a thermal printer that can deliver anytime of the day, then this one is for you.

How does the Berg little printer work? This little printer connects wirelessly to a small box that is then plugged to the router. The small box serves as the go-between to the Berg Cloud that provides constant updates and likewise organizes any relevant web content. And equally significant, the thermal printer churns out RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds printed out in grocery format receipts. All the user will do is to hook it to the router and activate the RSS feed subscription from the smart phone and other mobile devices.

Will the Berg little printer be the better option? Definitely yes, since reading news on paper still appeals to most people it appears that nothing can beat a hard copy. Because Berg works alongside the web, it can provide a wide range and comprehensive news service, which is so much better than newspapers wherein the content may already be outdated. It is also better than RSS feeds, since RSS is lifeless and lacks presentation quality since it compresses everything together. Moreover, updates from this thermal printer are content driven, which means that it delivers not only news but also puzzles and weather report all the things that appeal to most people.

How encompassing will the Berg little printer be in terms of disseminating information? Even before the product can actually be launched, Berg has already cemented partnership with ARUP, Foursquare, The Guardian, Nike, Google and definitely several others are expected to come to the fold later on. And with the advent of the thermal printer, which can be set-up anywhere in the house and can practically print anytime of the day, news tidbits will be more appreciated probably more entertaining than reading news directly on the computer or on smart phones.

Next time if reading directly from a newspaper or RSS Feeds from smart phones becomes boring, try the Berg Clouds little printer it can deliver comprehensive information like a personalized newspaper.

Photo by: Svilen Milev

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