Apple iPad Tips : How To Enable A Non AirPrint Printer For Cloud Printing Via FingerPrint

Apple iPad Tips - How To Enable A Non AirPrint Printer For Cloud Printing Via FingerPrint

Printing directly from mobile devices used to be a feature exclusive only to Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in line with the enhancements implemented back then to the iOS4 and AirPrint enabled printers. However, afte updating to the iOS5 last year, this direct printing feature was severed so that iOS devices and AirPrint enabled wireless printers lost its connectivity. The Apple iPad tip discussed in this post will focus on the application called the FingerPrint software that re-established direct printing from an Apple Mac device to any wireless printer (AirPrint enabled printers included) connected to a similar WiFi access point corresponding to Windows or Mac PC.

What are the details of this Apple iPad tip? Actually, what makes the cloud-printing operation possible again is the software named FingerPrint developed by Collobos. Once this software  is loaded and run into a Mac or PC, it allows the non- AirPrint enabled wireless printer to receive and process print jobs from an Apple Mac mobile iOS 5 device. As AirPrint is enabled, subsidiary printing commences. The software  is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, particularly versions OS X 10.5 and 10.6 for Mac and XP (SP3), Vista, and 7 for Windows. FingerPrint can be purchased via download for less than $10 at Collobos’ website.

How does the FingerPrint software works to allow cloud printing? The Apple iPad tip that utilizes the new FingerPrint software (complementary software) can tap into the realm of Bonjour Technology the proprietary software from Apple designed to locate or activate any wireless printer in its portfolio. With this software feature running in your PC, wireless printers running in the same wireless network will show-up among the printer selections when the print button in iOS 5 devices is tapped. This then activates cloud printing.

How to install the new quick-fix FingerPrint software? You only need to download, install and then launch the software. Once activated, the software will show the list of printers, so select the wireless printer that you want AirPrint to enable and the selected printer will automatically appear on your iOS 5 operated mobile device. The set up and installation is that simple and easy to comprehend. In fact, the software even comes with an installation wizard.

Remember that the release of the iOS 5 operating software temporarily (until the release of a new software from Apple) discontinued the cloud printing capability of non-AirPrint enabled wireless printers. But do not lose heart. Simply follow the new Apple iPad tip and make use of the solution presented to enable a non-AirPrint enabled printer for cloud printing once again.

Photo credit: icatus via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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