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Announcing LTS’ New Xerox Toner Refill Kits

Laser printer users are on the lookout for more affordable printer consumable options everyday. And given the rate by which new printer models from different makers are introduced and distributed into the market, producers of compatible toner in the aftermarket just can sit back and wait until the toner cartridges and other peripherals of these new printers are discontinued and no longer available to users.

To keep up with a fast moving industry, LTS is happy to announce the availability of new toner refill kits from its growing line of Xerox compatible toner refill kits for the color laser printers Xerox Phaser 6360, Tektronix Phaser 7700, the wide format printer Tektronix Phaser 7400 and the networked printer Tektronix Phaser 2135. Xerox Phaser 6360 units are still being distributed while the other models have already been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Our Xerox compatible toner refill kits are loaded with gram loads of compatible toner that meet high capacity requirements. Meanwhile, Xerox 7400 and Xerox 2135 kits are supplied with reset chips intended to replace the lockout chips outfitted with respective cartridges. The reset chip will reset the printer counter so that printouts can be generated from the refilled cartridge. Note that individual Xerox toner refill kits come with a bottle of high yield, compatible toner powder; 1 funnel cap, a pair of latex gloves, toner wipes and an illustrated instruction manual.

LTS offers competitive pricing with individual kits retailing at $74.95 (Xerox 6360); $56.95 and $64.50 (Xerox 2135 monochrome and color toner respectively); $70.95 and $80.95 (Xerox 7400 monochrome and color toner respectively); and $47.95 (Xerox 7700). Rainbow packs are also available.

For more details and Xerox toner refill kit orders, please visit the LTS website or call our toll free hotline number 877.945.2737.

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