All In One Laser Printer Reviews: Panasonic’s 8-In-1 Innovation

Panasonic has redefined the criteria for office machine efficiency with the release of the first and only 8-in-1 office-printing machine. Probably short changed of the usual 4-in-1 the industry has to offer, the electronics giant introduced this innovation as an upgrade to the KX-MB2000. The new all in one color laser printer called the KX MB2061MFP is designed to serve to a greater extent SOHO and other small-scale business entities. The varied functions and features that come standard with this new addition to Panasonic printers are outlined below.

Access voice messages even when you€™re away from the office.

The Digital Answering Machine integrated into this all in one color laser printer not only records and stores voice messages of up to 30 minutes in length. It can also be programmed to convert recorded voice messages into a .wav file that can be transmitted directly over e-Mail, to a PC or even a smartphone.

Run a small office or a SOHO with this all-in-one wonder.
With the KX MB2061 MFP, the user not only gets an imaging equipment but also a Micro Telephone System. Running under the Panasonic DECT 6.0 technology, the KX MB2061 is equipped with both corded and cordless handsets that can be expanded up to 6 handsets and a caller ID System.  The features integrated into the KX MB2061 makes it not just an automatic answering machine but a reliable office phone that doubles as an intercom.

Share the device across multiple user networks.
The all in one color laser printer supports Local Area Networking (LAN) and runs on an interface that allows printer and scanner sharing, automatic fax reception, notification and forwarding, plus the ability to remotely operate the device through a web browser.

Control related expenses with its cost-efficient features.
The KX MB2061 MFP features a Fax Preview function that allows users to sort received messages and select the ones for printing. This is one way of minimizing paper and toner costs. The unit loads with monochrome toner cartridges rated 2000 and 6000 pages. Moreover, this new addition to Panasonic printers consumes a reasonable amount of energy to power its operations. Maximum power consumption may jack up to 950 watts during full operation but then again, the unit only expends 6 watts during sleep mode.

Get reasonable speed for its basic devices.
The integrated fax of the all in one color laser printer operates with a modem speed equivalent to Super G3 (33.6Kbps) which makes possible the speedy transmission of 4 seconds per page. Its copier device can deliver the initial copy in just 16 seconds. Meanwhile, print speed for its printer is at the modest 24 ppm.

The Panasonic KX MB2061 is complete communications equipment.  According to Panasonic, even printing is part of the communications system allied with the e-mail and fax. This is likely the most sophisticated model of the Panasonic printers to date.

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