Recognition For HP's Planet Partners Program

The Society of Plastics Engineers or SPE has commended Hewlett Packards’s cartridge recycling initiatives through its Planet Partners Program. Said program is aimed at reducing plastic-based garbage that find its way into landfills annually, particularly those coming from discarded printer cartridges. The printer industry’s first, the recycling program is an engineering breakthrough that fully integrates the use of post-consumer recycled plastics in the manufacture of new HP inkjet printer cartridges. So far, at least 200 million new cartridges have been manufactured using the process which is equivalent to more than 5 million pounds of recycled plastics. HP is in track to boost the use of recycled plastic in the coming year by twofold.

HP’s innovative recycling process involves the combination of multiple sources and grades of recycled plastics like the handy everyday water bottles into technically advanced HP cartridges. The use of  recycled plastic resonates to energy savings and likewise clears landfills of waste products that would otherwise rot in 1,000 years. In fact since the program started, HP has already recycled in its facility a volume of waste plastic materials that could fill more than 200 tractor trailers. According to Michael Hoffman, Senior Vice President for Supplies, Imaging and Printing Group at HP, the company’s considerable investment in building a recycling infrastructure is just the beginning of what it intends to accomplish.

HP cartridges collected through the HP’S Planet Partners Program are subjected to a multi-phase, recycling process that effectively converts post-consumer plastic and metal into raw materials. HP actually combines polymer coming from toner cartridges with recycled bottled water resin, along with other compounding additives. Said formula guarantees that all recycled materials will meet HP’s high-quality standards.

Judging from the efficiency of the recycling process, recycled plastic make up 70% to 100% of HP cartridges. And because every HP product is fully tested and inspected for consistency with quality specifications, consumers can count on the cartridge’s reliability. Thus, in recognition of HP’S pioneering spirit in the plastic recycling program, the SPE, a trade organization for plastic professionals awarded the most prestigious environmental stewardship plum at the Global Plastics Environmental Conference to Hewlett Packard. Furthermore, Larry Koester, VP of Communications, Environmental Division at SPE, stressed that HP’s technical contribution in the production of cartridges represents an unprecedented engineering innovation. Adding further that it is a remarkable achievement developed through years of perseverance and ingenuity that is bound to make a substantial impact to the environment.

Kudos to HP for the technical excellence award presented by the Society of Plastics Engineers for its commitment to the upkeep of the environment.

Photo by Stuart Miles

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