5 Ways to Recycle Christmas Trees

The Holiday season has come and gone; sooner or later that one enchanting and delightful Christmas tree you adorned will turn wretched and awful. Real Christmas trees are very much biodegradable, hence, there is always a way to dispose these properly rather than dumping it in the trash. It is best to think of an environmentally beneficial approach to recycle Christmas tree when the festivities are over. Below are 5 ways you can consider when Christmas tree recycling.

1. Create Circlets and Garlands. Think about how the branches and wedges of the tree could be reused into useful and practical purposes. Pack off the twigs and recycle them to craft creative circlets and garlands. Add embellishments with paper leaves or artificial ornaments to make it more sparkling, perfect to perk up the walls of your home.

2. Do Mulching. This type of Christmas tree recycling is good for maintaining moisture. It is then applied to the soil surface to improve its fertility and strength. Chip it with the use of a chipper or a saw to make the bark of the trees into smaller pieces. Use it around your garden. Mulch helps regulate the loam temperature, which can survive even in the cold season.

3. Donate to a Woodcraft Designer. Instead of casting them, make use of these real Christmas trees by donating it to a local wood carving artist or woodworking shops that recycle Christmas tree and twist them into new useful products.

4. Find Pick-up or Drop off Recycling Centers. Curbsides centers that recycle Christmas trees operate in every State. Get in touch with a local recycling center and know when or where to cast off your used real Christmas tree. They can pick it up there. You may as well call a nonprofit organization near your home that promotes wood crafting.

5. Make Habitat for Creatures. Trees could be a great sanctuary and feeding area for creatures like birds and fishes. Probably, this is one of the best ways in Christmas tree recycling. Put used real Christmas tree in your backyard or in your garden. Provide feeds to draw birds. Birds can likewise make the tree as their shelter and refuge. While, in rivers or ponds, dump the tree along the water banks. This serves as an alternative feeder and breeding area for fishes.

Photo credit: Mihow_ via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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