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5 Tips For First Time Toner Refill Kit Buyers

5 Tips For First Time Toner Refill Kit Buyers

Nowadays, access to a horde of consumer items has been streamlined and made simple through the Internet. With just a few clicks on the computer keyboard, consumers can expect ordered goods shipped at their doorstep the following working day.

But before placing an order and paying the bill, consumers must take precautionary steps prior to consummating an online transaction such as the purchase of a toner refill kit. Below are a few tips recommended to help you with your purchase. Let us use the Brother TN-04 toner refill kit(compatible with Brother HL-2700cn and MFC-9420cn printers) as illustration.

  1. Note TN-04 cartridge details. It is necessary for users to be familiar with pertinent specifications of the product – from the cartridge part number, laser printer model to its gram weight and yield rated 10,000 pages at 5% coverage (as per OEM cartridge); in order to expedite the purchase and a compatible toner refill kit can be issued.
  2. Transact only with trustworthy retailers. To determine the reputation of a retailer, users can browse the vendor’s website (if they operate one) and look for indications – company registration number, complete office address and availability of customer service representatives who will entertain after sales inquiries. If the vendor retails through Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces, there are also methods by which to verify track record.
  3. When an online retailer has been determined as reputable, inquire about toner specifications. Ask about gram load details and the number of pages that will be produced. Make sure that toner specifications match OEM rating.
  4. Inquire about the refill kit’s contents. All tools necessary for a successful refill must be complete. A Brother TN-04 toner refill kit should come supplied with a bottle of fresh toner powder, latex gloves, toner wipes, funnel cap and an instructional manual. Other cartridges require a reset chip. Hence, it is important for users to ensure that the kit being purchased comes with the chip.
  5. Verify if there is a need to purchase a refill tool. Unlike the TN-04 cartridge that comes designed with a fill hole, cartridges from other brands require users to create a hole on the cartridge’s polymer casing to expose the toner chamber and allow toner replenishment as well. Thus, it is necessary for users to ascertain beforehand if a refill tool is necessary since the device is not bundled with the kit.

Be vigilant when making an online transaction. Observe the abovementioned measures so that a 100% compatible toner refill kit can be made available at your disposal and at the soonest possible time.

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