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5 Recycling Tips For The Brother TN-350 Toner Cartridge

5 Recycling Tips For The Brother TN-350 Toner Cartridge

Are you intending to refill the toner supply of your Brother TN-350 toner cartridge? Why not use the Brother TN-350 toner refill kit to just that. The refill product comes supplied with high grade toner powder that is designed to deliver the same quality prints and yield as the OEM toner. Refilling the toner cartridge is so easy that you can actually complete replenishment in less than 5 minutes. As an added reference, find below a few tips relevant to the replenishment and Maintenance of the TN-350 toner cartridge.

Vacuum Dry the toner cartridge’s supply chamber. As much as 70 grams of toner routinely lingers in the supply chamber of the toner cartridge, even when the printer has already alerted you with the Toner Out prompt. Thus, before proceeding with the refill, make sure that the toner hopper or supply chamber is sucked free off toner residues. Failure to do so will cause backgrounding and may even damage the toner cartridge.

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Clean the Developer Roller and Blade. Using the lint free cloth, wipe off bits of toner powder that may be sticking to the developer roller and blade. Again, this will keep the cartridge from backgrounding while extending its serviceable life.

Replace worn out components. If it’s the second or third time that the cartridge is being replenished of toner, better inspect the condition of pertinent parts. Replaceable components such as the drum, transfer roller, doctor blade and developer roller will wear out over time and will require replacement to ensure the cartridge’s sustained functioning.

Clean the printer before and after replacing the cartridge. Apart from tidying the laser printer’s casing as well as removing spilled toner powder, dust and paper fragments; it is also recommendable to perform automatic cleaning and test prints using the printer’s bundled software.

Do not recycle toner powder. Used toner will not only cause backgrounding but also contaminate the cleaning mechanism of the drum unit. Eventually, bad toner will contaminate the newly installed toner and shorten the cartridge’s useful life.

Do not use chemicals to clean cartridge components. Avoid using ammonia based cleaners to prevent causing permanent damage to the toner cartridge. Instead, use a dry, lint free cloth to clean cartridge internal components.

Do not touch the transfer roller and fusing area. Avoid hand contact with the transfer roller and fusing area. Doing so would leave skin oils on the surface which could trigger print quality problems and affect the fusing of toner powder to paper respectively.

Observe proper gear maintenance. The gear side of the toner cartridge also requires careful maintenance to guarantee the proper functioning of the unit. The gear shafts should be adequately greased and replaced with lithium grease if shaft is dried up. In case toner powder contaminates the grease, the shaft and gear should be wiped clean of toner to avoid backgrounding and cartridge damage.

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Take note of the above mentioned tips and follow closely the instructional material supplied with the kit; and surely you’ll have that toner cartridge going again in a few minutes. But just in case you encounter troubles along the way while refilling the cartridge with the Brother toner refill kit, rest assured that you have available over-the-phone customer assistance for your inquiries and other concerns.

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