5 Items You can Recycle and Reuse at Home

5 Items You can Recycle and Reuse at Home

Your house is the perfect place to find a great deal of items to recycle. Unconsciously, we tend to stock recyclable items. Some we throw away after use; others we leave in piles on the sidelines. There are also a few others that find their way into storage rooms. Recycling at home is one of the noblest contributions you can offer to save the environment. You can start with the basics and make progress from there. How to recycle at home? Here is a list of items you can recycle and reuse at home along with a few simple and helpful tips.

1. Used Papers. Approximately 50% of landfill wastes is paper. If we make it a habit to recycle paper, paper wastes will be reduced to 90%. Meanwhile, trees felled to make paper will be minimized by 50%. How to recycle at home? Here’s how:

  • Printed documents can be utilized as scratch papers and practice pages for printing drafts.
  • Envelopes and folders can be used for filing and storage.
  • Newspapers can be used to wrap breakable wares.
  • Journals can be donated to nearby recycling depots.


What to do with used paper, aluminum cans, glass, printer cartridges and electronics? We’ve got cool recycling ideas just for you.

2. Plastic Bags. Solid waste programs in the US strongly promote the reuse and recycle of leftover bags. Plastic bags can be utilized for the following environment friendly purposes:

  • used as shopping bags;
  • compiled as protective cushion for fragile containers;
  • can be a replacement for garbage bags
  • substituted as containers for used oils and greasy substances;
  • eturned to stores or sent at recycling centers.

3. Plastic Bottles There are many ways to reuse and how to recycle at home techniques for used plastic bottles. The reuse and recycling of plastic bottles is not a popular practice. But quite a few have found ways to make something out of these waste materials. Plastic bottles can be used as follows:

  • as storage space and containers for food;
  • turned into refillable drinking bottles;
  • converted as plant pots;
  • utilized as a material for crafting projects.

4. Used CDs and DVDs. These are uniquely reused for improvements through artistic recycling at home. A finished artwork can serve as an eye-catching collage on ceilings and walls. Otherwise, these items can be sold and presented in trade centers to support livelihood projects.

5. Aluminum Foil. Used foils are 100% recyclable but sanitary issues arise when recycling this item. Used aluminum foil can be used for the following purposes:

  • keep insects away from plants by wrapping it around the stem;
  • clean food residues on saucepans and pots;
  • cover wall areas you do not want to be colored with paint; 
  • sharpen cutters and polish metals.

These are just some of the many reusing and recycling at home techniques that you can start practicing. In time you can adopt other ways to reuse and recycle or better yet come up with your own approaches.

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