5 Interesting Photocopier Facts You Do Not Have to Know

The photocopying machine is essential in many organizations and industries since it is the cheapest form of getting duplicate copies of documents. Despite its presence though, people do not go out of their way to learn more about it. As long as it works perfectly, users are happy with its performance. But for the minority of people who are interested in learning more about this in demand machine, here are facts that will nourish your minds.

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  1. Rear photocopying is the cause of most photocopier breakdown. It is worth noting that the most common reason for a copier breakdown is not entirely technical. Some people find it exhilarating to make a duplicate copy of their butt. This however causes the scanner bed and the machine housing to break. Believe it or not, 1 out of 5 photocopiers are repaired for this reason alone a person photocopied his behind!
  2. Photocopiers retain 60% of data scanned. Like any digital machine with memory, the photocopy machine retains data that have passed its scanner. Therefore, it is important to wipe all sensitive and confidential data that were photocopied. The Xerox-Tektronix 5337 for instance is widely used in small to medium businesses, which means a substantial amount of data is in its 64MB memory capacity.
  3. Arthritis made way for the invention of the copier. Sometimes, great things are born from simple and trivial matters. Just like Chester Carlson who experimented photoconductivity and eventually invented photocopying because of arthritis. His job is very tedious and painful because he makes multiple copies of documents for patent.
  4. The copier machine took years before it was made available in the market.It took 20 rejections from big companies including IBM and General Electronics, and another 5 years of research and experimentation before the photocopier made it to the market. The Haloid Corporation (later Xerox Corporation) who got the license to create the machinery with the photocopy technology is actually a small-scale manufacturer of photographic paper. That’s right! It is the very same company that developed a series of advanced and modern photocopiers, including of course the Xerox-Tektronix 5337.
  5. The photocopier became a household name after changing its name. Electrophotography is surely one mouthful word which has little retention rate. After much thought and consultation, the process was changed into xerography, which means dry-writing. The Haloid Corporation then adopted the name and changed it into the now famous Xerox Corporation. Until today, most people refer photocopying as Xerox even if it the photocopier does not carry the company brand. In some dictionary, the word Xerox is a synonym for photocopying.

Throughout history, there are still lesser known facts about the invention and development of photocopying. But no matter what they are, the most important thing is that people see this invention as a vital operation on the daily workload. Just like the Xerox-Tektronix 5337 that now has a compatible Xerox 6R396 Copier Toner to help users gain savings.

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