5 Alternative Uses of Shredded Paper

Each time we recycle shredded paper, we are helping our landfill spaces. Additionally, we help prevent the destruction of woodlands the main source of making paper. Paper shredding technique is now widely used in governments, schools as well as in big and small companies. Protecting personal data or sensitive information has been the most common use for shredded paper. Still there are other shredded paper uses that most people are not familiar with such as a raw material alternative in creating new products.

What to do with used paper, aluminum cans, glass, printer cartridges and electronics? We’ve got cool recycling ideas just for you.

How to Recycle Shredded Paper Alternatives

  1. Alternative for Charcoal. Harder materials such as cardboards can be a reliable substitute for wood and charcoal when building a fire during the cold season. Shred cardboards using the appropriate machine and recycle. How to recycle these shredded cardboards? Simply compress them together to form briquettes.
  2. Bedding Material. Shredded paper is a perfect alternative for bird and dog beddings. You can do away with expensive cloaks and fluffs. Simply gather used papers at home, shred, and fill the bird and dog spaces with shredded paper.
  3. Garden Cultivation. Nurturing the plants in the garden can be very demanding and tricky during the winter season. Earthworms that help decompose organic waste can hardly thrive in cold temperature. Adding recycle shredded paper on soil, produces a warming effect for them. As a result, the earthworms can still function well and serve their purpose.
  4. Pillow Crafts. This is one of the most popular shredded paper uses. Shredded paper is used as an alternative to cotton and feather pillow fillers. Its effect is similar to the mentioned resources, giving warmth and comfort to its user.
  5. Scrap Packing Material. It is a good protective padding for fragile items. Rather than purchasing packing supplies, the recycle shredded paper will do a good job. It is dependable and will significantly cut down expenses.

These are only few ways on how to recycle shredded paper. There are still a handful of practices that you can find online or discover on your own. Just be creative and use resources available at your disposal. Instead of throwing scraps into bins, find shredded paper uses that fit your routine.

Don’t dump that empty toner cartridge just yet! You can use it for another 2 or 3 printing cycles. Get it refilled with toner refill kits.

Shredding paper is not just a groovy way to serve our environment, but also protecting valuable and delicate information from being used for possible criminal acts such as identity theft.

Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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