3 Types Of Inkjet Print Head

The catalysts for producing brilliant quality printouts on inkjet printers are its two vital components, namely the inkjet print head and the printer inkjet cartridge. Still, these components depend entirely on the printer engine to produce stunning, high-quality prints that only inkjet printers can deliver.

The printer inkjet cartridge is very popular among users and so much has been written regarding its performance, print capacity and cost, but not much is heard about the inkjet print head. Today, much research and effort have been poured to develop the best printer components that will address all concerns regarding print quality.

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Looking at the breakthroughs made in print head design, users need to be aware that the developments were in fact only a rehash of previous ideas. In support of this observation, below is a rundown of the different types of print heads.

  • Print heads built into the printer is the idea embedded into the earliest model of the inkjet printer. However, the idea fizzled out because the inkjet nozzles are so minute that users simply could not keep up with the maintenance. Users end up disposing the printer each time the print head dries out of ink and clogs. And since inkjet print heads were designed to last for a specific lifetime, replacement was not encouraged.
  • Print heads integrated into the printer inkjet cartridge was the next set up to hit the market. Its reception was a success since printer manufacturers found the first model disadvantageous to many users. However, every time the user replaces the cartridge, the print head is replaced as well. The end result: The cost of replacement cartridges skyrocketed and made inkjet printing even more expensive.
  • Hybrid print head model is actually a rehash of an earlier concept. The only difference with the new model is the more defined maintenance procedure. Once the inkjet print head gets dirty or clogged, the user can dismantle, clean, and reassemble the hybrid cartridge. The new print head model introduces durability into the equation and gave users the prerogative to experience high quality prints without the exorbitant cost.

Printing costs and environmental concerns may have triggered printer manufacturers to revert to the old inkjet print head design. Whatever their reasons may be, the new inkjet print head proves to be a huge advantage to users because of the marked reduction in operating costs.

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For excellent print quality, remember that printer inkjet cartridges along with a reliable print head will give you the satisfactory results you need and want.

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